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Submission + - Why the MIT Blackjack Team Became Entrepreneurs (xconomy.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The MIT Blackjack Team, made famous by the book “Bringing Down the House” and the movie “21,” learned important lessons about running a business when they were beating casinos in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Key members of the team went on to start influential tech companies like SolidWorks and Stanza and invest in startups. Why did they do that instead of becoming, say, hedge fund managers? MIT entrepreneurship leader Bill Aulet moderated a team reunion panel in Boston, and he writes that the themes that carry over from blackjack to startups include staying disciplined, playing for the long term, and not taking unnecessary risks. And, of course, disrupting the powers that be.

Submission + - Watching The Police: Will Two-Way Surveillance Reduce Crime? (forbes.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: As surveillance technologies have matured in both their sophistication and usage, some are starting to ask the question: is it time we start using them to watch the watchers? The proliferation of dashboard cameras has reduced liability costs, provided valuable evidence, and made police officers safer. The next progression would naturally be for the camera to move out of the car and onto the officer’s uniform itself.

Submission + - Milk Groups want FDA to redefine "milk" to include aspartame (huffingtonpost.com)

jovialwoodchuck writes: US Milk groups are lobbying the FDA to redefine "milk", as well as 17 other dairy products, to include artificial sweeteners (such as aspartame). This essentially means they won't need to include these items on the label. Given the dubious past of aspartame in particular, and the very negative health effects it has on some people, this seems very questionable to me. The entire purpose of the FDA is to protect consumers, and ensure they know what they're consuming. This seems to go entirely against that purpose. I've created a whitehouse.gov petition on the subject, but I'm having trouble getting it circulated. Maybe the slashdot crowd can help?

Petition: http://wh.gov/vJAh

Submission + - "Getting Things Done" Gets A Boost from Charles Simonyi (xconomy.com)

waderoush writes: "He's famous now for dating Martha Stewart and going into space (twice), but Charles Simonyi is known to software engineers mainly as the father of Microsoft Word and the creator of 'intentional programming,' a method that generates code automatically based on high-level commands from domain experts. Now Simonyi and his Bellevue, WA, company Intentional Software are teaming up with 'Getting Things Done' author David Allen to translate the personal-productivity guru's time-management technique into mobile apps. Surprisingly, there's never been an official GTD app — and Allen dismisses most to-do-list software as 'dispersive rather than integrative.' But in an extended Q&A with Xconomy, Allen says 'These guys [at Intentional Software] came to me tabula rasa and said ‘we don’t know what’s needed, but we think we have a technology that could be utilized to help knit together a lot of this stuff.’' No product development timeline has been announced.

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