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Journal Journal: Kernel Kompile revisited

I actually did it! I'm pretty excited. My Linux Server box is now running a Kernel that I compiled. What finally forced me to do it was that I had to replace the network card with one that wasn't built-in, or as a module ready to go.

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Journal Journal: Golf again

I'm coming to the conclusion that soon, I need to bite the bullet and just give in to golf inevitability that I can't get much better, and if I do, it just isn't worth it.

For the past two years, I've been on a crash course to improve my golf game and become a good golfer. Spending hours practicing, hitting thousands and thousands of golf balls.

I can do two things. 1. Keep at it. 2. Back off the improvement game, and focus on the scoring game. Like working with the swing I already have.

Smart people may say, "Do what gives you the most pleasure or satisfaction from the game."

I have just recently gotten over a major hurdle in being layed off. At least I think I have.

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Journal Journal:

I've had the golf fever for a few years now. I just gotten over a major hurdle of changing my swing. It's the hardest thing to do. That is, most golfers will never get really good, because they have the wrong technique and they must change. The problem is, the proper technique is not at all intuitive.

This has taught me a valuable lesson. You have to check yourself from time to time because we are so overconfident of ourselves. If it feels right, then it must be. Well, here I am, playing golf in such a manner that feels goofy, except now the ball goes further and straighter with less effort. Imagine that.

At work, I extend this. If I'm working on a project, I try to spend as little time in between demonstrations to the end users. I can love the programs I write, and user-interfaces I design, but the problem is, somebody else wants it their way. YOu gotta do it their way, or it won't be used.

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Journal Journal: My submission about True Porn Clerk Stories

This Personal Journal or Blog was a very famous journal and well read considering it was never advertised, just spread by word of mouth. My last check has it being read over 800,000 times.

The title is the literal truth: "True Porn Clerk Stories". As the writer was a part-time Video Store clerk and full-time aspiring improv performer. The Video store she worked in was small-time, the type that have a "Porn Basement". It's an incredible perspective she gives of Porn Addicts (of which I'm sure there are a few here on Slashdot).

The interesting thing about this is, I could recommend this journal to a female friend. It's written by a female, and in such a way as not to be Pornographic. The porn is just the backdrop, the canvass let's say, to some incredibly pathetic losers that spend untold thousands on smutty videos.

I had been following her job by reading her journal over the past year, and now she's finally quit. She admits that she's received tons of positive feedback on her writing, etc.

This guy finds solace in his meaningless life by reading the journal. Doing a Google reveals the journal is imitated, referenced, and praised.

  I probably won't read her much anymore, so with that I bid her (Ali) adieu and leave you with a few excerpts:

We have a new vistor to the porn section. He's been in twice now. Actually, he's been in at least three times, as he is a registered member, but he's only stood out twice.

He comes in, goes down to the straight porn section, and whips out a hand mirror. Then he applies makeup for about an hour.

  So anyway, I started out with the Discreet Method: I went down with a handful of tags and put away the ones right around where he was, hoping to drive him out with a quick dose of Virgin/Nun/Mom/Mother-Goddess. No dice. He just kept turning his back to me - an increasingly hard prospect as I corralled him into the corner.

He actually tried the hand creep once until he glanced over and realized I was a)an employee and b)female. He decided to wait me out, pulling his pants up and his coat down a bit - I had clearly cramped his masturbating style.
  We were on opposite sides of the room with our backs to each other. Gradually, I became aware of movement behind me. I turned around. His pants were drooping a few inches below the waistband of his boxers. He had snaked his right arm up underneath his coat and it was moving rhythmically.

For a second, I just stared.

Then, before I knew it, I heard a voice coming out of my mouth. It was a furious principal's voice, a drill seargeant's voice, Sigourney Weaver's voice just as she's about to wax an alien. It came up from the diaphragm, resonating through my chest, deep, powerful and furious.


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Journal Journal: Samba, RegClean, ipchains

Life is good...

1. Got Samba to work at home.

2. Brought the Dead Pavillion back to life with just scandisk, and regclean. So I didn't have to install an OS.

3. Learned more about ipchains. Had to do this to get Samba working.

4. All I have left to do is get my wireless net card working under Linux, which requires some kernel gymnastics.

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Journal Journal: Windows 98 Is Dead

The title may sound like a Windows rant, but it isn't.

Basically, my son's Win98 machine will not boot up anymore. The machine is dual boot RH7.3 - Win98.

It's an HP Pavillion PII Celeron 466Mhz. 96Meg ram and 14 Gig Hard drive.

6 Gigs are used up by Linux.
THe main purpose of the machine was to serve as a game machine for the kids and I.

Now, I have some options and decisions to take.

1. Should I just re-install WIn98?
2. Is the disk-drive too old, maybe I should replace it?
3. Should I go to a new OS for gaming such as Win2000?

These are all nagging questions.

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Journal Journal: Samba Pati

Well, I got Samba working here at work. But I've been unsuccesful getting it to work at home. I tried to log in from an XP station, and a sick 98 station but was unsuccessful.

Here at work, I'm logging in from a NT2000 machine.

It's pretty cool because I have this old machine sitting next to me running RH7.3. It has a dos partition with old data from years ago. Up to this point, I had to ftp it from one PC to the other, which is more trouble than I needed.

The Samba answer is great. Funny, the data is coming from a Win95 partition, opened by Linux, shared through Samba, and ends up being used on a Win2000 box.

Win95 is still installed on the old box, but, it doesn't work very well.

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Journal Journal: Kernel Kompile

I'm tring to do this. I've done it before, but it's been at least three years.

I'm doing it from teh RH7.3 SRPMs and need to get a wireless network card into the modules(?) at least I think that's the lingo to use.

Finally got to the point that I actually see a bunch of (.c) files. Also, I think I've actually compiled the kernel. I have a new vmlinux file. But I have been able to get it into grub yet.

Will keep you posted.

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Journal Journal: OpenSSH Router Firewalls going now

Now I'm even more stoked. As reported before, I've gotten OpenSSH up and running on my Linux boxen. However, I recently purchases a Wireless router.

Well, now, I've got port forwarding going so you login in to the Router's IP address with Putty, and the router forwards you to the main Linux box.

Just try and hack my site. I dare you.

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Journal Journal: OpenSSH

I finally got through the maze that is Secure Shell.

I finally don't telnet. The funny thing about going the open source route is that there are detours and misdirections along the way - they try to point you to non-free software.

I've got the latest versio of's server software and I've used both Putty and SecureNetTerm to log into my Linux server from a Windoze box.

The tricky part was getting Protocol 2 going with RSA authentication. There was no HowTO on the net for what I feel is the most common need for a secure shell. That being, logging into you Linux boxen from work where you are in a Windoze environment. Here's the long and the short of it:

1. Upgrade to the latest version.

2. Generate the server's keys with ssh-keygen and leave the passphases blank! Generate them all, RSA1, RSA, and DSA.

3. Run sshd, and it'll give you an error message of what to name these keys and where to put them.

4. Generate your own key type RSA. (This is protocol 2). Copy the one that has extension .pub to $home/.ssh/authorized_keys2

5. chmod 600 $home/.ssh/authorized_keys2
6. chmod 600 $home/.ssh/id_rsa

(id_rsa is you private key file for Protocol 2 RSA.

7. Get the file id_rsa to you windows box.

8. Get the latest development version of Putty (Right now, not the latest release, but the latest development version.).

9. Run puttygen.
10. Load the key (id_rsa), it will give you a message that it succesfully converted the OpenSSH Private RSA key to putty.
11. Save the private key.

12. Run putty. Go down to "auth" and load the private key file created by puttygen.

13. Look around the configuration and select SSH2, RSA whereever you can, enter the host address etc.

14. Save you settings and away you go.

15. Go back to you linux box and tighten things up a bit by not allowing password authentication in: /etc/ssh/sshd_config

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Journal Journal: Linux Boxen

Never thought I'd say this. But I've got quite a few Linux Boxen now... One at work, three at home. Not to mention, a working installation of Oracle for Linux.

And, stop the presses, my wife has agreed to start using Linux at home. She only surfs, and does a little email. This shouldn't be hard right? I think all I need to make sure of is that printing works.

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