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Journal snatchitup's Journal: Samba Pati

Well, I got Samba working here at work. But I've been unsuccesful getting it to work at home. I tried to log in from an XP station, and a sick 98 station but was unsuccessful.

Here at work, I'm logging in from a NT2000 machine.

It's pretty cool because I have this old machine sitting next to me running RH7.3. It has a dos partition with old data from years ago. Up to this point, I had to ftp it from one PC to the other, which is more trouble than I needed.

The Samba answer is great. Funny, the data is coming from a Win95 partition, opened by Linux, shared through Samba, and ends up being used on a Win2000 box.

Win95 is still installed on the old box, but, it doesn't work very well.

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Samba Pati

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