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Submission + - Lose weight by taking pictures (

snatchitup writes: Here's a pretty simple Droid app (KalorieQ) that basically is a photo based diet log. You take a picture each time you eat something. Then, the image is uploaded to an online web site database. Casual visitors to the web site can see what you ate (anonymously) and take a guess at how many calories your meal is. On the Droid app, your log is updated to tell you how many calories you've eaten. Either based on what you said the calories were, or, what the average estimate was from the visitors to the web site. It's kinds of like a game. But, the idea is that it's a cool, fun, and easy way to keep track of your diet, which may in turn help you stick with it.

Comment Poor Quality Handling Network Calls (Score 1) 835

Windows Bug

If removing the network cable suddenly speeds things up, then, you're the victim of an unknown Windows bug. For example, when you right-click in Windows Explorer, does it sometimes hang?

Also, is this a computer that's run on more than one network? This happens especially on laptops that have visitied multiple lans (including your home)

You PC's Registry, or something, has Vestiges of Pointers to network resources (not just shared drives) but Icons, things it thinks are out on the network but are not there anymore. You have to wait for the time-out to finish before you have response.

I believe this is also causing slowness in general when these timeouts are in series. Just an boatload of waiting for network things it will never find.

I completely wrote my own Window Explorer where every resource request is done in it's own thread. Any thread that doesn't complete within 1 second is ferociuosly killed. End result, I have my own custom Explorer and no delays. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles, so I haven't shared it.

This really sucks... Best of all! None of the Registry Cleaner Tools, spyware tools will solve this.

Comment Re:Gong! - Mod Parent Up (Score 1) 336

I read the article first thing this morning in the WSJ (Yes, I actually pay for it) and realized it was a fluff piece.

But, what you don't understand, is that, for WSJ to put AJAX on the front-page (this wasn't hidden back in the tech-section), sas alot for what is going on.

The real story here is as follows:

Okay, OKay, It's OKay to Use JavaScript

User Journal

Journal Journal: Kernel Kompile revisited

I actually did it! I'm pretty excited. My Linux Server box is now running a Kernel that I compiled. What finally forced me to do it was that I had to replace the network card with one that wasn't built-in, or as a module ready to go.

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Journal Journal: Golf again

I'm coming to the conclusion that soon, I need to bite the bullet and just give in to golf inevitability that I can't get much better, and if I do, it just isn't worth it.

For the past two years, I've been on a crash course to improve my golf game and become a good golfer. Spending hours practicing, hitting thousands and thousands of golf balls.

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Journal Journal:

I've had the golf fever for a few years now. I just gotten over a major hurdle of changing my swing. It's the hardest thing to do. That is, most golfers will never get really good, because they have the wrong technique and they must change. The problem is, the proper technique is not at all intuitive.

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