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Comment Re:Smokescreen for cracking down against all disse (Score -1) 204

I see you're back, traitor. How has slurping your Western imperial overlord over the last few months? I gather it was "rewarding", but not to any self-respecting human, but it was rewarding because you are a pathetic slave for the Western imperialists who would ruin China? Only the vile Western imperialist powers would support a cause that would impose theocracy, slavery, and poverty on Tibet. The Dalais ruled the place with an iron fist and the people suffered as the Dalai's slaves. After we liberated the place, it has seen great progress. Your pathetic uprising was crushed in 1959 because it was a Western imperialist backed plot, and the West will never have a foothold in China, as you desire. You desire to be a Western protectorate, so you can continue enslaving the people of Tibet under their protection. You deserve far worse than death. You need badly to be reeducated.

Comment Pathetic terrorist (Score -1) 380

There is no need to "debate" with a worthless terrorist and Western imperialist lapdog like you. You are the worst kind of human being, you are a vile traitor and a willing slave of the West. If you were in China back during the Japanese occupation, you'd be one of the guys selling your own sister to the Japanese soldiers. Too bad the days have past when the Western imperialists can bully China. Your pitiful cause is doomed to complete failure. But you must not realize that, since you are so ridiculously deluded as to support a cause that would impose poverty and slavery on Tibet as a "free Tibet."

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