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Comment Re:MongoDBs (Score 1) 70

sigh, MongoDB. On install 1. no authentication, no passwords 2. default read access to everything for any user 3. no granularity. 4. data sent in the clear 5. no encryption 6. binds to all available interfaces

It's like we've learned nothing

MongoDB forces you to think about security issues from the outset and add those protections via various packages. It is much better than someone assuming their database is secure due to their own ignorance of reality. No technology can protect a developer / administrator from their own incompetence.

You must be kidding, right?

Comment Re:Raises one question.... (Score 1) 106

it's trivial to get a city hukou if you have a college degree.

Riiiight, because the son of a rice farmer, banned from public schools, should have no problem getting a college degree. And if the peasants don't have bread, let them eat cake!

"banned from public schools"? What a joke! You're sickening. Any one who has been to China should know that you're just telling lies.

Comment Re:Raises one question.... (Score 1) 106

Their class has nothing to do with where they were born. It is inherited paternally. So their class is whatever is printed on their father's hukou (identity card). If they are illegitimate, and their father is not identified, then they are screwed, and have no rights to education or healthcare, regardless of their mother's social status.

Stop spreading misinformation. The hukou class of a child can follow either the mother's or the father's.

Comment Re:Raises one question.... (Score 1) 106

Today, about half the children in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, have no right to attend public school, or go to a public hospital.

There are many problems with the hukou system and most people in China do not like it at all. But you are spreading LIES. It may be difficult for a rural hukou child to get public education in a big city, but certainly not impossible. A rural hukou person can get services at any public hospital without any problem. He just doesn't have health insurance to cover his expenses.

Everyone in China is issued a Hukou [] identification card at birth, that has their hereditary class printed on it.

Saying that hukou is hereditary is misleading. Except for the two megacities (Beijing and Shanghai), it's trivial to get a city hukou if you have a college degree. Also things are changing now. In developed areas, a rural hukou may be more desirable than a city hukou because with a rual hukou you are entitled to many unique benefits provided by your village.

Comment Re:Eliminate git, move back to cvs (Score 1) 87

Mercurial, through its lack of good stashing (with log support!) and index, favors larger, monolithic commits. That's a bad thing to have by design.

I don't know how you got this impression of Mercurial. My experience is the exact opposite. Mercurial encourages small, frequent commits. With "hg rebase" and "hg histedit", a revision history can be edited very easily. Git only makes things unnecessarily complicated by having an index.

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