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Breakup is correct, but ten years too late.  *Wednesday June 07, 2000 @11:47AM  1
   attached to Justice Department Decides To Break Up Microsoft
Simple Remedy  *Monday April 03, 2000 @01:43PM  1
   attached to Microsoft Loses
I will call him MiniMe.  *Monday February 07, 2000 @07:12PM  1
   attached to Try to Name the SuSE Mascot
Suspend copyright and patent protection for MS.  *Friday January 28, 2000 @10:25PM  1
   attached to Win2k Security holes found
RMS rightly points out that  *Monday January 17, 2000 @03:40PM  1
   attached to Hole in GNU GPL?
Re:Dr evil  *Thursday January 13, 2000 @03:29PM  1
   attached to Gates Steps Down As CEO, Balmer In
Re:Right - good point.  *Friday January 07, 2000 @05:13PM  1
Right - good point.  *Friday January 07, 2000 @05:03AM  2
   attached to Retraction of "China Banning W2K"
Microsoft will continue to innovate.  *Monday November 08, 1999 @06:29AM  1
   attached to U.S. Military Grapples With Cyber Warfare Rules
He can borrow someones COMDEX badge.  *Thursday October 21, 1999 @02:35PM  1
   attached to CTO is Too Young for Comdex
Std gauge railroads = same width as Roman chariots  *Wednesday October 06, 1999 @02:27PM  1
   attached to Keyboards - Dvorak or Qwerty?
Bill Gates nomination  *Sunday September 19, 1999 @03:06AM  3
   attached to FSF Seeks Nominations for 2nd Free Software Award
I too switched from Games to E-commerce & Security  *Friday August 20, 1999 @07:18AM  1
   attached to Feature: Why Being a Computer Game Developer Sucks
Penquins upset because they left out of RHAT IPO.  *Friday August 13, 1999 @02:26PM  1
   attached to Protest over LinuxWorld Penguins
As a classmate of Mr Mitnick, here is my view.  *Tuesday August 10, 1999 @07:39AM  1
   attached to Mitnick Finally Receives Federal Sentence
I agree that MetTroll was calfing.  *Monday August 02, 1999 @07:47PM  1
   attached to The Post-FUD Era has Begun
Avoid M$ SexChange.  *Thursday July 29, 1999 @01:21PM  0
   attached to Ask Slashdot: Building a Large Email Service
If they had cars they could drive to McDonald's  *Tuesday July 13, 1999 @04:56PM  1
   attached to UN Proposes Email Tax
Reminds me of when President Regan was shot  *Friday July 02, 1999 @07:07AM  1
   attached to Geek Complex without Power
Yet another whining Hollywood wannabe...  *Thursday July 01, 1999 @05:54AM  1
   attached to Cringely's take on "Pirates of Silicon Valley"
Does this mean we can stop sending beer now?  *Wednesday June 30, 1999 @09:12PM  1
   attached to Stop: Quickies Time
Does Non-Profit Corporation == No IPO ?  *Wednesday June 30, 1999 @09:59AM  1
   attached to Apache Incorporates
You are correct Sir.  *Tuesday June 29, 1999 @08:26AM  2
   attached to ESR Responds: 'Shut Up And Show Them The Code'
search for "Doug Engelbart"  *Saturday June 19, 1999 @09:48AM  1
   attached to Fifteen Years of X