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Comment Re:Dear Westerners, please leave Iran alone.. (Score 0) 1032

dont you watch 24? you think american's, israel, any other freaking country doesn't engage in funding "terrorists" ? our defintion of terrorism isn't different, dont be one sided. american assets going into iran and causing damage, hidden, stuff you'll never see is terrorism to the other. america/israel has to hurt itself or another to get what they want. just think about the last 8 years.

Comment Re:containment theory... (Score 0) 1032

Uhhh....ever read up on The Six Day War? Israel has been stirring up shit with its neighbors for DECADES because it knows the USA will always be there to cover its ass if the excrement hits the cooling device.

Allow me to quote the former defense minister Moshe Dayan "After all, I know how at least 80 percent of the clashes there started. In my opinion, more than 80 percent, but let's talk about 80 percent. It went this way: We would send a tractor to plow some area where it wasn't possible to do anything, in the demilitarized area, and knew in advance that the Syrians would start to shoot. If they didn't shoot, we would tell the tractor to advance farther, until in the end the Syrians would get annoyed and shoot. And then we would use artillery and later the air force also, and that's how it was. I did that, and Laskov and Chara did that, and Yitzhak did that, but it seemed to me that the person who most enjoyed these games was Dado."

well, call me a conspiracy theorist or not but that's what i believe happened on 9/11, just like the Lavon Affair... They want Iran and will do anything to get it. I think American's are sick and tired of Israel deciding its middle eastern affairs, people need to realize that they're being played. I'm seriously afraid of Ahmadinejad going any further with Nuclear Energy research because the further he gets, the easier it is for somebody to frame them. My suggestion would be to dump nuclear ambitions and use most of their desert to harness the Sun's energy, not sure how it fairs during dust storms or if there are much there but give Israel something new to look for -- next thing they'll be complaining about if they drop the Nuclear ambition is 'Iran is spiking world oil with carcinogens.' -somebody sick and tired of hearing the word "anti-semite" everywhere.

Comment the future of iran (Score 0, Flamebait) 374

you know israel and the US will do anything to take over iran, if the idiots inside keep protesting, it'll be another welcome into their country and then yay, israel will own that one too.. everything is propaganda anyway, so they cut off access to gmail and yahoo, i'd surely like to know their reason but i wouldn't trust a source out of twitter in iran, the israeli controlled media in america will do or say anything to take iran, their consistent complaints about nukes and what not, israel doesn't even have the right to have nukes -- they haven't even signed the nuclear non proliferation act, IRAN has.. iaea has been going in and out of iran if i recall and has found nothing. i think the iranian government should shove it up america and israel's ass by scrapping the nuke project and doing what most sane americans would want is taking advantage of the sun and doing solar... that way it'd take a conspiracy by israel and the US to go to war with them.. kind of like 9/11. no good will and could ever come from war. the mid east is happy enough we took that dictator out of the white house. i was listening to i think the senate minority leader and he was calling russia and iran's regime evil or something! wow! no weapons system will stop anyone from an all out war. second of all, bush's regime was evil, took out a million people oversea's "for the death of 3500 americans." spent hundreds of billions and they say 45k people per year are going to die from lack of insurance, WEE AMERICA! go attack the mid-east while your own people die from being sick, gotta love sarah palin and her dumb-as-shit followers. jesus this is such a rant and run on sentence post! weeeeeeeeeeeee, now i'm an 'anti-semite' because that's all people can say when someone is critical of israel! now, go and be a great patriot and ask for war with iran.. because it's the patriot thing to do!

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