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Journal Journal: Judge Strikes Down Patriot Act ISP/Telco Tap 1

A PC World article posted September 6 states that Judge Victor Marrero, of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York has struck down the Dept. Of Justices ability to utilize National Security Letters to gain access to customer records from ISPs and phone companies. National Security Letters (NSL's) are essentially 'self-written warrants' as described by former Judge Andrew Napolitano in this Cato Institute meeting (20:40). As a side note, the ability to write these NSL's to get documents was expanded to include hotels, casinos, restaurants, bodegas, lawyers' offices, real estate agents offices, and the POST OFFICE by the Foreign Intelligence Authorization Act, signed December 14, 2003. This act allows the government to read your postal mail without a warrant and without your knowledge.

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Journal Journal: USA PATRIOT Act Rant

I really hate re-writing this, and I'm not a subscriber so I end up losing my post history, so I'm posting a link to my old rant about the history of the police state in this country.

This is not for anyone to read, necessarily, I just wanted to have this link accessible in case I think about voting again some day.

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Journal Journal: Slow day in monkey land

I had explosive diareah today. It was extremely painful and my roommate used expletives that I hadn't even heard before every time he got near the bathroom to see if the smell had left.

I think it was a result of the Magnesium Salt I used as an antacid without measuring it first (moderating any medicine consumption is for pussies).

I spent about two hours today doing research for LMN, I'm thinking of getting donations through our university counterparts so I can pay people some pennies to do what they said they're going to do: Help me.

Why the hell am I writing this? well I spent 5 minutes writing this POS and I'm not deleting my work just because noone who's worth a damn is gonna read it.. so fuck you all

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