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Comment Re:Entertainment is entertaining (Score 2) 299

You can't just go down to NewEgg or Micro Center with your credit card and submit an expense report -- it has to go through purchasing who will spend a week researching the cheapest price or steer the sale to whichever "preferred supplier" bribed them this year.

This. So much this.

  I worked for a major defense contractor. We needed a piece of software and we needed it "yesterday". My manager told me (in writing) to go ahead and order it on "petty cash".

So, two weeks later, I and 6 others get called to talk to the VP of Engineering (who was not an engineer, but a bean-counter) to explain why we hadn't gone through proper channels. My manager was awesome and tried to take the heat for me, but to no avail. Turns out that he got called on the carpet for it too.

To this day, even though I no longer work there, I still consider myself one of the "Petty Cash Seven".

Comment Not IT, but dev.... (Score 1) 299

It was a small engineering firm, about 10 people total.

Me and this other dev were at an industry trade show with our boss (who was the owner of the company). We had a demo loop of some of our software running. Then, during some discussions between me, other dev, and the boss, it came out that our demo software was written in a different language than what Boss had thought. Even though we had told him it was written in language X instead of Y.

Anyways, said boss starts to go off on us, IN OUR TRADE SHOW BOOTH, ON THE FLOOR, where anyone can see. Other dev and I just sat there and took it, but I'm spending the whole time thinking, "Dude, there's a time and a place for everything, and this is not it."

The day we got home from that trade show was the day I started looking for a new job.

Comment I'm in the 42% I guess (Score 1) 183

I find myself largely immune to the hustle and bustle of our open office plan. While most require noise-canceling headphones in order to get anything accomplished, it actually energizes me more than inhibits me.

As someone who went to middle school in one of the Open Classroom schools of the 1970s which had not yet moved to completely physical partitions between rooms, I hypothesize this may have a lot to do with it. I was trained for 4+ years on how to operate with many noise distractions.

Comment Re:Almost sounds like my kids (Score 1) 301

My children are in the same boat; however, they do NOT like commercials or the inability to pick and choose what they're going to watch at whatever moment.

When we travel we now take our Roku w/us b/c even with PBS, they're annoyed by the reality of traditional TV telling its viewers what they're going to watch and when.

Comment Re:Already got rid of a ban (Score 1) 202

The won't re-make the mistake of classifying crypto as a munition, for one simple reason

It gives the crypto community another weapon (pun intended) to fight crypto bans..

To wit: If crypto is a munition, then it falls under the Second Amendment. Thus a crypto ban could be fought on both First and Second Amendment grounds. And while the .gov could try the "national security" defense against the 1Am argument, how could they piss off their base fighting a 2Am argument?

Comment Re:What worked for me (Score 1) 347

Memories... I wrote a Z80 emulator as well for my job. We were doing development for the Litton Briefcase Terminal (AN/PYC-1) and Digital Communications Terminal (AN/PSC-2).

We were developing on a Unix host (originally ZILOG ZEUS for Z8000, then SysV68K for MC68030). We had Z80's as slave I/O processors. I wrote an emulator (that also emulated some of our custom hardware (such as hardware swap segments).

The good old days...

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