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Comment Re:Can we choose death then? (Score 2) 637

Twitter should die. It is just a source for rumors and unsubstantiated drivel. It no longer has any redeeming value.

When people played by the rules, it sort of worked. No longer. The dark side of humanity has found an outlet for their hate, and loves it.

Spew hatred and untruth to hundreds of thousand, and millions, of people, with just a #hashtag and a click.

Twitter is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump. He could not have done what he did without Twitter.

Twitter is responsible for the rise of DAESH/ISIL/ISIS. They could not have rose to the prominence they have without Twitter.

Twitter must die.

Comment Re:wat (Score 2) 348

Do you understand what 'programmed' in assembly means? Does not mean there is an assembler or interpreter on the device, only that the source code was written in assembler for some processor architecture, assembled to a binary image, and then programmed into ROM/FLASH/etc on the target device.

'Programmed in C' does not mean your fancy toothbrush has to have GCC running on it to be able to do its thing any more than 'programmed in assembler' does.

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