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Comment Unambitious. (Score 1) 413

To propose a new high quality format that doesn't add anything significantly new to our music options seems a little short sighted. Imagine a format that presents each recorded master track as a separate component, along with as-released mixing settings. You'd gain the ability to not only listen to what the sound engineer came up with, you'd be able to make your own mixes. It'd also make creative mashups much, much easier. That's what I want - not this.

Comment Interesting but flawed paper (Score 1) 241

This is clearly the question that corporate co-authors Nvidia and Logicblox hoped you would ask.

The paper seems to represent more of an evolutionary rather than revolutionary approach, but suffers from some unfortunate hand-waving, particularly in their attempt to negate the real cost of memory->PCIe transfers (to their credit, at least they call out that latency), their unwillingness to perform comparisons on like-to-like base hardware, and their rather odd choice of front-end environment. Coupled with their odd price-performance metric, I suspect that Nvidia marketing got way up in Gatech's business on this. My suspicion is that there are real use cases where SIMD processing is going to substantially speedup relational database performance on easily partitioned datasets, but as more vectorization effort is placed on main CPU, the advantages of kicking off to coprocessor will eventually go the way of the 387.

Comment Re:WHERE ARE THE MELTDOWNS!!?!?!?! (Score 1) 186

I dunno; the summary is patently wrong: three nukes DID shutdown because of Sandy. Salem-1 remains shutdown because of failure of 4 of 6 coolant pumps. Efforts to repair those 4 continue today. From the comments below, it seems as though *5* of 6 pumps were actually adversely affected. So yay, the system SCRAM'ed and the massive redundancy built into nukes kept this from turning into an incident... but closer than I would have preferred.


From the cited article:
"Salem-1 shut early Tuesday morning "when four of the station's six circulating water pumps were no longer available due to weather impacts from Hurricane Sandy," the company said in a statement that day.

Waves hit the plant's circulating water building, requiring the shutdown, PSEG Nuclear chairman and CEO Ralph Izzo said during a press teleconference Wednesday morning. One of five pumps has been repaired, and the other four are expected to be repaired Wednesday, Izzo said. He did not say when Salem-1 is expected to return to service."

Comment Re:This is *not* a problem. (Score 1) 381

Being smart IS better than being dumb - clearly a smarter person has the ability to formulate more solutions to more abstract problems - but it's not SUFFICIENT. I think a lot of smart people fall into this trap. Being smart doesn't make you moral, empathetic, doesn't make you hard-working, patient, generous, driven, doesn't make you good looking, athletic - doesn't weigh in on any part of who you are other than that of your intellect. If you can't apply your intellect to understand the levers of society, and make concessions to them, then that is to your detriment, and is your problem. Perhaps it's your "I'm 170" attitude that is creating barriers for you?

You were called on the floor as being sociopathic, almost certainly for this: "fuck it, you know what, I don't care anymore. Enough of trying to do good for others, I'm doing this for *me* and the rest of the world can go fuck itself."

You rebut: "I'm in this life for ME now." It would appear that your self-description certainly fits the dictionary definition, if not the DSM-IV. If you're "sick of doing for others", then you never really were in it for doing for others, you were in it for, as you say, yourself.

Comment Re:Microsoft Deserves It (Score 1) 364

I recall it was always quality of search results returned in the early days that made Google really shine. The light interface and innocuous ads did stroke the "do no evil" meme and seemed pretty responsive as well. Their search engine worked so much better than AltaVista that there wasn't much contest (and Yahoo's browse-your-category mechanism was horrendous). This is my perspective as a geek, though; I couldn't tell you what others thought.

Now it's all just a horrible mess, and search results are once against mostly crap, I contend through detestable SEO efforts.

Comment Re:My Mac crashes, in a worse way (Score 1) 364

Your system should not be locking up. This sounds like a hardware issue; I haven't experienced system hangs when apps hang at all (though there is some pretty lousy behavior in Lion that can crop up - autosave state can sometimes restore the crashed state, so your app just subsequently crashes over and over again without removing some files down your Library directory).

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