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Comment I don't mind paying taxes (Score 1) 903

I don't mind paying taxes if I get something back for them. What I don't like is paying taxes and the only thing I get back is another aircraft carrier. I don't mind paying taxes to support good schools but we spend more money on education without getting good value in return. I also resent paying more so a billion dollar corporation can go full deadbeat and skip paying taxes.

It's also an issue of representation. I pay the bills but my Congressman doesn't represent me, he represents the people putting up the money to get him elected.

This is a much bigger issue than just the number on the tax bill.

Comment idiots (Score 1) 99

As ever so frequently these days, US regulations seem not to be able to keep up with modern times, and when they try to, they don't seem to get it right. I fly quite frequently between Europe and the US on Lufthansa, and I have yet to see any problems arise because of them providing wifi and gsm (Well, once I saw an attendant tell a man not to skype from the restroom, but I don't think of that as a problem :) ). Your problem is not with airlines offering these services, but the people who are idiots - however, educating them by avoidance, i.e. by banning all of these services is just stupid.

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