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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: State of "PC killer suite" (

slidersv writes: I'm halfway through my first attempt at writing an article using the "PC killer suite", and let me tell you — my hands are almost bleeding.
My conclusion: Not yet ready, but getting there. Precision of the mouse and speed of the full size keyboard are still unmatched.
Having no other choice while traveling, I had to use a "PC killer suite" to write an article. The hardware consisted of iPhone and iPad mini. The software was Google Drive and proprietary market apps.
My first hurdle was to adapt to the specific workflow, such as holding chart detail view opened with one finger on the iPhone, and typing detailed data in the cells on the iPad. On PC, not only would I be able to use double windows and quickly refocus with a mouse, but I also would be able to export market data into CSV and import it into spreadsheet processor.
My second issue was limited feature richness in applications. It's not only particular application issue, such as missing pie charts in Google Spreadsheets, or missing spellcheck in Google Documents, but it is general lack of feature parity of their PC-based counterparts.
And third — the pain. Oh the searing pain! It's not enough to have Popeyes forearms! You have to hold them in the air or shift your positions from an office table, to an armchair, to a sofa.... And the speed of typing is nowhere near the full sized keyboard counterparts! ...Hold on, iPhone says I need to get a charger. Personal hotspot feature is awesome, but the smartphone does not match tablets battery life.

How do Slashdotters perceive the state of the "PC killer suite"?


Submission + - is down

slidersv writes: "Update: The site seems to be back up, but definitely not all of it. Hopefully this one hour outing will not go unnoticed. That alone brings availability of Cisco's website for this year to three nines. Way below first High-Availability mark of 5 nines."

Submission + - is down 1

slidersv writes: "With all its mighty power, network behemoth's main website is down. No news describing the reason as of now. I have tried accessing the site for the past hour, since our operations heavily rely on Cisco online documentation, with no luck. After all the advocacy of high-availability, security and performance... Oh, the irony."

Submission + - Elephant in the black hole: dead and alive

slidersv writes: "What is beyond event horizon of the black hole you wonder? According to New Scientist article, it is possible to reconstruct the information beyond black hole's event horizon using Hawking radiation and a certain string theory. The principle is "similar to the way a laser creates a 3D hologram from the information contained on a 2D surface." This implies that the object that crossed the event horizon exists in two places simultaneously: inside the black hole, and in form of hawking radiation outside of it. This location uncertainty is not limited only to black holes and could be applied to any horizon, including determining what is beyond our cosmic horizon by decoding cosmic microwave background radiation. "This paradox will lead to a revolution as profound as the birth of quantum mechanics," says one of the scientists."

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