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Submission + - Whistleblowing IT Director Fired by FL State Attorney

An anonymous reader writes: Ben Kruidbos, the IT director for the Florida State Attorney's Office who'd spoken up when important cellphone evidence he'd extracted from Trayvon Martin's cellphone was withheld by the state from the defense, was fired by messenger at 7:30 PM, after closing arguments in the Zimmerman case. He was told that he could not be "trusted to set foot in this office," and that he was being fired for incompetence. Kruidbos had received a merit pay raise earlier this year. The firing letter also blames him for consulting a lawyer, an obvious sign of evil.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: State of "PC killer suite" (

slidersv writes: I'm halfway through my first attempt at writing an article using the "PC killer suite", and let me tell you — my hands are almost bleeding.
My conclusion: Not yet ready, but getting there. Precision of the mouse and speed of the full size keyboard are still unmatched.
Having no other choice while traveling, I had to use a "PC killer suite" to write an article. The hardware consisted of iPhone and iPad mini. The software was Google Drive and proprietary market apps.
My first hurdle was to adapt to the specific workflow, such as holding chart detail view opened with one finger on the iPhone, and typing detailed data in the cells on the iPad. On PC, not only would I be able to use double windows and quickly refocus with a mouse, but I also would be able to export market data into CSV and import it into spreadsheet processor.
My second issue was limited feature richness in applications. It's not only particular application issue, such as missing pie charts in Google Spreadsheets, or missing spellcheck in Google Documents, but it is general lack of feature parity of their PC-based counterparts.
And third — the pain. Oh the searing pain! It's not enough to have Popeyes forearms! You have to hold them in the air or shift your positions from an office table, to an armchair, to a sofa.... And the speed of typing is nowhere near the full sized keyboard counterparts! ...Hold on, iPhone says I need to get a charger. Personal hotspot feature is awesome, but the smartphone does not match tablets battery life.

How do Slashdotters perceive the state of the "PC killer suite"?

Comment Re: Terrible news... (Score 1) 658

And what do you say to those who preceeded him and followed official channels to complaint and expose wrong doing? To those like Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond, Aaron Swartz, Gottfrid Svartholm and Jacob Appelbaum? Attention whores as well? Snowden is the last frontier. If he goes into prison it's the witch hunt all over again.

Comment H1B in the focus (Score 4, Insightful) 419

America is the place for the best, so if you're missing talent - bring them in. That's how project Manhattan was accomplished. And that's how all the reolutionary progress is made. You don't look at where they are from, but what they can do. Once the protectionism and nationalism starts, the you're no longer the best, and just become one of the European Middleweights. So sure, if you want to fail in the long run, ban all workforce and intelligence imports.

Comment What will it take for humans... (Score 5, Interesting) 916 live beyond that limit? Cryogenic freezing, I guess. But seriously, the problem is not the ability, but purpose. It's one thing to be able to survive into 100+, and completely another to enjoy your time on this planet. If you survive for 150 years, but enjoy the first 50 and suffer for the next 100, that sounds more like a Doom episode: Hell on Earth. All people are measuring when it comes to age is heart beating. But what they should be focusing on are different questions. Like: "do you enjoy getting up in the morning?" "how fast can you read?" "and write?" "do you hear me well enough?" "can you describe me what you see outside the window?" Can people over 80 on this forum add to this discussion, if they are interested to live another 34 years, until the "current limit" of 114?

Comment Time well spent (Score 2) 173

Well, at least kids are not going to do drugs after school. And it'll give them common intellect-based goal, creating communities of capable people, which in turn can spur interesting startups and just maybe even the next Google. It's just so much better to invest in people, than to buy overprised pieces of outdated warfare machinery. Manhattan project also sounded pretty evil, but it turned out to be pretty good.

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