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Comment The protection racket is still going on ... (Score 2) 168

I can see why they agreed to pay.

Foxcon legal department assessed the cost of litigation to fight against bogus patents potentially higher than just pay those damn mafioso.

Also the behavior of the US justice in Apple vs Samsung may have told them that the mafioso business of extortion through patents is somewhat tolerated in this country. Well not much different finally than doing business in China, but at least in China the extortion by the members of the army or the Central Committee is not hiding behind patent laws and China never pretended to be a free market.

Comment Re:"Grid Parity" ... on sunny days only (Score 1) 735

> WTF is a "feed-in tarif"?
In Europe that's a guaranteed purchase price by the utilities for home producers of "green" energy. You can also call that a subsidy. Now If you really believe that when WE Energy buy your PV electricity at $.25 per kWh they will be able to recoup these costs by selling it at a premium, this is were you enter the delusional category.

FYI WE Energy do have an offer at 100% renewable energy[1]: with a rate of $.14 (0.12611+0.01388 [2]) ! So basically all their customers are subsiding the purchase price of PVs, and the taxpayers subsidizing your installation. And you have the balls to tell me that I'm the one working from inaccurate or obsolete information ...

Also, if you did this installation recently, double-check your contract I am not sure that this scam will go for long, even in Germany the government is starting to see the stupidity of all this and is reducing the feed-in tariff.


Comment Re:"Grid Parity" ... on sunny days only (Score 3, Interesting) 735

Your installation cost for a residential system is extremely cheap ! On average in the USA a 3kW system would be a $17000 investment [1]. Also your annual savings are quite incredible: with the average household cost of electricity in the USA at 11.72c per kWh [2], it would mean that your system produced around 13413 kWh [12x(163-32)/0.1172] over a year ! For a 3kW system this would mean that your magic installation as a capacity factor of 51% !!!! [13413/ (3 x 24 x 365)].

So yes, I don't know if you're delusional but you have been most likely lying by forgetting to speak about the subsidies you received for the installation and feed-in tarif. Oh and if you want to prove your case, please state your location and the supplier of your system...

What is far more annoying than your convenient omission of subsidies is all the idiots solar fanboys moderating you informative when they have absolutely no clue about the real cost of Solar PV energy....


Comment "Grid Parity" ... on sunny days only (Score -1, Troll) 735

This is quite incredible that people continue to tout Solar PV as an economically viable energy when it is completely ineffective most of the time. And when the sun does not shines, one still need the energy from the Local Distribution Company. Saying that Solar PV is at the retail cost of grid power is either a lie or a complete delusion.

Comment This is hype: NTLM is broken by design (Score 5, Insightful) 330

This is well known and no sane people uses NTLM auth anymore, even Microsoft recommend to deactivate this authentication method. The idiots at Microsoft used a DES ECB implementation instead of CBC that anyone with two ounce of crypto knowledge would choose. The practical impact of this very bad design choice is that a 14 character password has as much complexity as two independant 7 characters passwords ! So when the authors brag about cracking a 14 character password in 6 minutes, what they're really doing is cracking two 7 character passwords in 6 minutes, this is entirely different and not impressive at all.

Comment Bullshit (Score 5, Insightful) 253

Yeah, so suddenly the guys who did a lot of work to be undetected will use Metasploit code and disclose their owning of the computers with an AC/DC song .... Methinks someone is not reaching his objectives and found a good scapegoat as an excuse... The alternative of course would be that script kiddies are owning Iran's nuclear researchs lab infrastructure ...

Comment Quantum indeterminacy ?! (Score 3, Informative) 210

Big misunderstanding about Quantum Physics: It is not because our interpretation of quantum states is probabilistic that quantum physics are NOT deterministic. There may perfectly well be a deterministic behavior of quantum physics, it's just that so far we can only describe is with non-deterministic mathematics. See the Copenhagen Interpretation

Comment Re:midnight (Score 2) 568

Even if we take at face value your Greenpeace studies, these subsidies are ridiculous compared to those of solar energy. 200G € sound like a lot, but in 2010, nuclear accounted for 22.5% of electric power while solar only 4%. Now the subsidies for solar amounted to more than 50G € in ten years and the comitments for the lifetime of these obsolete and inneficient solar pannels are more than 50G €. Of course if you had been honest you could have compared the ratio of subsidies per kWh which (according the Greenpeace study) is averaged at 4.3c for nuclear, compared with the actual 25c of solar which was a wopping 50c in the early 2000. We could also speak about the utter failure of this solar subsidies to reduce CO2 emissions and spur innovation. Germany as failed producing cost effective solar pannels and is now importing from China. Add to that the intrinsec unreliability of solar power which to be accounted for would need tremendous investments in storage and grid infrastructure.

Submission + - Swedish researchers uncover key to Great Firewall of China's Tor-blocking tricks (

An anonymous reader writes: A pair of researchers at Karlstad University have been able to establish how the Great Firewall of China sets about blocking unpublished Tor bridges.

The GFC inspects web traffic looking for potential bridges and then attempts "to speak Tor" to the hosts. If they reply, they're deemed to Tor bridges and blocked.

While this looks like another example of the cat and mouse game between those wishing to surf the net anonymously and a government intent on curtailing online freedoms, the researchers suggest ways that the latest blocking techniques may be defeated.


Submission + - Did dinosaurs really rule the earth? Or the water? (

An anonymous reader writes: According to Cambridge scientist Brian Ford, dinosaurs just don't work. They are simply too big to support their own weight, too big to consume enough food to maintain their size and too big to move around with any agility. In an article published in Laboratory News, he argues the best explanation is that dinosaurs lived in water. According to Ford: "When you think of it like that, it all makes sense. The bulky muscular tail would have been impracticable as depicted in the conventional images and the abundant fossil footprints do not show tail dragging. They used the water to support their mass, buoy up their tails, regulate their temperature and provide a habitat for their food. All the research, all the Hollywood films, the artwork, everything need to be revised."

Submission + - Google Earns Only $1.70 a Year per Android Device

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "While Apple generates more than $575 in profit for every iOS device and according to estimates in 2007 Apple earned more than $800 on every iPhone sold through ATT, Horace Dediu reports that Android generated less than $550m in revenues for Google between 2008 and the end of 2011 earning only $1.70 per year per Andriod device explaining how Apple is sucking up two thirds of the profit in the mobile phone business. Dediu's starting point is a settlement offer Google (GOOG) made to Oracle (ORCL) of $2.8 million and 0.515% of Android revenues on an ongoing basis. His assumption is that those numbers represent Google's revenue from Android to date. "If this is the case," writes Dediu. "We have a significant breakthrough in understanding the economics of Android and the overall mobile platform strategy of Google." The primary source of Google's mobile revenue is advertising and ironically, Google seems to be getting more revenue from iOS devices than Android — by a factor of 4 to 1 according to The Guardian's Charles Arthur. Of course profitability is not the only reason Google is in the mobile phone business. "P&L considerations were not the only (or even at all) factors in investment for Google, Having a hedge against hegemony of potential rivals, having a means to learn and develop new business and having a role in defining the post-PC computing paradigm are all probably bigger considerations than profitability," writes Dediu. "My take is that [Android] is not a bad business. But it's also not a great one.""

Comment Re:It was done (Score 1) 335

You're absolutely right, Although if this nth study could stop the nonsense about the health danger of these scanners why not ? Of course this do not answer the real question of the cost/benefit ratio of these devices in the first place, but at least it will stop idiots using pseudo-science and fear mongering to fight them and have a rationale debate over the costs of airport security.

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