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Comment Re:node (Score 2) 133

When developing for the front-end, you only have one option in the browser, JavaScript (besides languages which compile down to JavaScript). A lot of developers like using nodejs so they can use the same language on the backend as on the front. Personally I prefer Python on the backend, but I've started using nodejs as it makes things easier to only use one language.

Comment Re:Maybe, I should sue KDE? (Score 1) 121

I think there's a need for an OS which has a goal of providing a consistent user interface over upgrades over time. While some changes may be needed over time, most upgrades are simply new eye candy from the marketing department designed to sell more units. It would be great to have an OS which it's goal is simply to remain the same, while staying secure and adding support for new hardware. Most elderly people need to do the same now as they did in 1995, view some web pages, send a few emails. Come to think of it, most people in general that's all they need.

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