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Comment Re:Data caps (Score 1) 65

Personally, I'd like to see more municipalities running fibre lines from houses to central access points. Once there are enough houses connected to an access point there could be real competition for service. The last mile problem is still a big one in 2017. Something needs to be done about mobile competition too, although it's harder with frequency limitations.

Comment Pocket change (Score 1) 194

1 Billion is pocket change compared to the industries that are possible because of the DMCA. We couldn't have a Slashdot, Facebook, YouTube or any real way for users to post content without the DMCA. In reality though, music sales are probably higher because of promotion through social media than they would be otherwise.

Comment Re:It's taken... how many decades? (Score 1) 118

I'd say rather than getting rid of alert, change the way the browser displays the alert to a user. Maybe instead a small bar at the bottom of the page that doesn't interfere with anything would be a better standard way of displaying a message without blocking user interaction.

Comment Re: Oh well (Score 1) 118

It did make sense to have some method to confirm closing of a window while the user was in the middle filling in a form for example, however it's abused for more than it's used correctly. That and it's pretty easy these days to save state without an old submit button, so it's really no longer needed. On a per-tab basis sounds like a good inbetween.

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