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Sign Up At Before Crooks Do It For You 349

tsu doh nimh writes If you're an American and haven't yet created an account at, you may want to take care of that before tax fraudsters create an account in your name and steal your personal and tax data in the process. Brian Krebs shows how easy it is for scammers to register an account in your name and view your current and past W2s and tax filings with the IRS, and tells the story of a New York man who — after receiving notice from the agency that someone had filed a phony return in his name — tried to get a copy of his transcript and found someone had already registered his SSN to an email address that wasn't his. Apparently, having a credit freeze prevents thieves from doing this, because the IRS relies on easily-guessed knowledge-based authentication questions from Equifax.

Comment Re:Free aggregation? A problem? (Score 1) 95

You keep mentioning how they "get paid" but never refute it. You also cleverly do not include my mention that I don't use the service. The copyright holders that get extra clicks should be paying google for the adsense , not the other way around. you are quite simply incorrect on this matter. I do not work for google company. (disclaimer)

Comment Re:Free aggregation? A problem? (Score 1) 95

I've never seen a single advertisement on Google news. It may be different in Germany, but otherwise I don't see how they are making money. It's a free service. Perhaps re-enforcing their brand image, but not 'making all the money'. I am far more likely to read more details (even with the 3-2 score type of thing you mention) than to skip. (Haven't used Google News in a long time, had to re-check just now to confirm the no advertisement thing).

Comment Re:Good idea! (Score 1) 207

Wow, way to move the goal posts!
Your original comment was:

owned cheifly by China and Japan

Now you claim 47% of ALL debt is

owned by foreign entities

While ignoring UK, Brazil and about 30 other countries!
Whee! you got called on the carpet and keep shifting around what you said to keep your own piece of mind!

This is fun!

Comment Re:Thanks, Space Shuttle (Score 2) 227

There's only one thing learned from the Shuttle debacle. Namely, don't let NASA build and fly its own launch vehicle.

The shuttle was a bit of a boondoggle, but you are blaming NASA, when in all honesty it had many congress-critters and Air-force fingers involved in its design and deployment. It's rather disingenuous to place all the decision responsibility solely in the hands of NASA.

Comment Re:What does it have to do with Japan... (Score 1) 364

-90% of German (or American) plants would not withstand impact of a plane bigger than a Cessna

In the United States, the design and thickness of the containment and the missile shield are governed by federal regulations (10 CFR 50.55a), and must be strong enough to withstand the impact of a fully loaded passenger airliner without rupture.

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