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Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 591

As a first impression to this story I would say that this is quite unbelievable.
What in fact they are saying is that the supposed result of CO2 accumulation already appeared when we just started to accumulate?
No offense to the 'climate-believers' (and I think this is going to cause me to get flaimed a bit), but to me this is more an indication that the correlation between industrialization and climate warming tends to be more coincidental than causal.

Comment Re:in favor (Score 1) 117

As an example, how do you feel about the divine right of kings? A few centuries ago you'd probably be not only accepting, but passively in favor of it.

Not only would I, 'a few centuries ago', have been in favor of it, a mere few decades ago I actually was.
Not any more though...

Comment Re:Stealth (Score 1) 117

Good that you leave Mao aside, because he isn't there anymore, nor his regime.
For the remaining points you mention I still don't see the USA targeted in any of them.
So why again is China considered an adversary to the US?
At the time the A-bombs were dropped, Japan had already offered to surrender, with only one condition: the emperor would not be touched.
That was refused by the US until the Russians were approaching, threatening to finish Japan off, and that's the only reason the A-bombs were dropped, aside from being a demo show for Stalin. The result was that the Japanese surrendered unconditionally and the emperor still hasn't been touched. Now how 'fucked up' is that?

Comment Re:Stealth (Score 1) 117

And why is that a business for the USA, with already more than 800 military bases in more than 100 countries the world over?
At least the Chinese haven't killed anybody yet, unlike the USA did with millions (Vietnam, Afghanistan, Irak, Lybia, to name a few countries), and by the way was the first country to deploy, totally unnecessary if you ask me as the Japanese were already surrendering, 2 A-bombs with devastating results for the civilian populations involved.
Come on now.

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