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Comment Re:Reality (Score 1) 131

I think you're the clown that you want to put aside the legal protections that made it sure only the guilty get punished, and not everybody that is a suspect.
You are innocent until guilt is proven. Not 'guilty because some unknown government employee thinks you are', and then comes to kill you, family and friends included.

Comment Re:Reality (Score 1) 131

'meeting a drone' would have constituted extra-judicial killing. It's appalling that people here seem to condone that.
I bet you are also against president Duterte of some far-off Asian country extra-judicially killing drug traffickers because the judicial system just doesn't work?

Comment Re:...removing the doctor (Score 1) 537

A system the pays the specials

Let me read that as "A system that pays the specialists...", ok?

In the winter months

Winter months? Why winter months?
Ah, let me guess... In winter the sun shines less, let alone on our bare skin, so our bodies produce much less vit D3 than in summer.
Hmmm, vit D3 deficiency during winter months maybe? Impairing the immune system, making people (much) more vulnerable to all kinds of virii?
Then the solution would be to supplement with Vit D3, no? Or take regular sun baths under appropriate UV lights.
I for example supplement with 5,000 IU vit D3 per day and I'm feeling quite well, thank you. :)

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