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Comment Re:Landlords (Score 1) 260

Why would it be not allowed? Think of the economic stimulus. If there's a lack of housing then new houses will be built!
And the safety argument is a bit false. All those safety measures have been instated because of the many people that can be housed--and get killed by a fire--in a skyscraper hotel, not a family home...

Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1, Insightful) 1139

In capitalism you have to be smart if you want to keep your money.

You forget we don't live in a capitalistic society but merely in a corrupt kleptocracy in which the government works for the wealthy and against the rest.
So 'being smart' doesn't help much if the tax system is used against you, and your money.

Comment Re:Latency must be bad... (Score 1) 81

Well, assuming you were indeed referring to the Anonymity Protocol of Magnus Brading, I have a few 'problems' with it.
First he states he wants to give a 'generic' description, but when it comes to the connection, he assumes it will be a static one.
I think that's a flaw. Think of all those mobile phones that can be used to construct a dynamic finely meshed network outside of the regular internet (as he proposes). Then you'd better design for a dynamic path that can switch on, switch off, and reconnect various nodes during the transmission of the message.
And how is he supposed to avoid 'centralization' when flooding his signed commands to each client? Or establishing new keys? Or, banning certain IPs en manually editing the network database? And why should we trust the person that issues a new verification certificate?
And that talk about 'EULA' is totally useless. If people are anonymous, how is anybody going to enforce their 'promises'?

Comment Re:"optional" as long as you fill it out... (Score 1) 397

I don't refuse, I just don't know the login/password, and those are on the encrypted HD of my laptop.
And don't you think for a second that I'm going to decrypt that one here in this office.
Because..., because..., I forgot the password..., and the written back-up of my password is near the n-th tree (I forgot the exact number) in the garden of ..., uhm..., who was that again...? Geez, I guess I forgot that one also!

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