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Comment Re:23,000 Die from Bacteria 250k Die from Malpract (Score 1) 68

For the sick people, of course, it's a death trap...

And if you're not sick already, then beware!
Official marketing target of the pharmaceutical companies: Each person on earth 2 medications daily.
And they're not so ethical as to shun away from committing hidden crimes against humanity to reach that goal.

Comment Re:Bacteria that worries (Score 4, Informative) 68

And please bring back the copper clads in the hospital, door plates, stairs, door knobs, bedsides, chairs etc.
Copper kills bacteria, including the antibiotic-resistant ones, everybody knows that, except apparently the hospital staffs.
Silver also, but that might be a bit too expensive.
Dead bacteria can not be transferred to other people...

Comment Re: Aspirin (Score 1) 164

If you read the work, or see the video presentations of Linus Pauling, you might find that L-lysine could be the new aspirin for cardiovascular health, together with ('extremely') 'high' dose vitamin C (as sodium ascorbate).
But acceptance of this idea might depend on one's 'conservancy' and 'traditionality'.

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