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Comment Re:CO2 levels are falling (Score 0) 141

true, but then again 100 million years ago the average temperature was significantly hotter, and the ocean levels were higher too.

Then, as nature has done it before, who guarantees that it's not nature that's doing it now (raising the CO2 levels)?
And if not, is there any guarantee nature will not do it again in the foreseeable future?
And if there's no such guarantee, or even a more than slight probability, then why bother about our own produced CO2?
Because clearly we can't beat nature. Can we?

Comment Re: trouble with concepts (Score 1) 149

Do you believe there is no negative feedback?
Do we fully understand how the climate works, and do we understand the non-linearities that will affect the current theories once things have heated up 1 degree?
No, we don't. So there's no certainty that all those doom predictions will actually come true.
Yes, there are some nice elaborate simulations, but they are limited by the incomplete knowledge they are based on.
Political interests and greed are too much driving this discussion, so I smell a rat and say: "No, thank you".

Comment Re:Never look up (Score 1) 89

The problem with this free state is that this state has to decide on what currency to use and how to back it. Then they'll find that backing it with gold and having the state run the central bank, exclusively issuing money, is the best idea ever, so the population will not get sucked empty by a bunch of predatory private banks, but will pay interest to the state, which transforms that into infrastructure, health care and education, and what not.
Then that free state will prosper like no other state, except maybe North Dakota in a way, which already has a state run central bank.
Then the Federal Reserve Bank (which isn't Federal, doesn't have any reserve and actually isn't a bank, but rather a lobbying institute for the various large private banks) will notice that, (order Trump--or whoever is the POTUS--to) send the military and there goes the 'free state'. Oh wait, maybe they'll send the terrorists to fight the proxy war for them, so they can't be tied to the demise of the free state.

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