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Comment well duh (Score 0) 110

First of all, I sell custom desktops and this is absolutely true. Second, ORLY?!?! People are finally finding out that tablets are slow, unreliable, unrepairable garbage that you can't type on and have self-destructing batteries and the TCO is higher than a desktop over 7 years? I NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED! By that I mean I never would have guessed that people would pull their heads out of their asses, not that tablets suck. I always knew tablets sucked.

Comment anyone know this? (Score 1) 174

So it cost a good fraction of a billion dollars BUT it's a magical machine that basically spits out money so who cares? Except, does anyone know how long a modern solar panel like the one they'd be using lasts before it expires or degrades or whatever? Or even what the overall maintenance expense is? Because to me solar panels seem like a class AAA rated bond on steroid when it comes to ROI.

Comment welcome to 2006 (Score 1) 259

Apple still doesn't have ANYTHING that even comes close to CUDA support and it's been what, like 10 years? I remember when Apple threw up the brick wall to Nvidia then when they invented CUDA, sued them for not making it run on Apple. Ever since the invention of CUDA, Apple is a joke for editing videos. Open CL is a joke. The lack of hardware controls is a joke. Here, you want an apples to apples comparison (no pun intended)? Take however much that overhyped piece of shit costs then build a custom PC for that amount of money and then we'll see what's faster. It'd probably have RAIDed SSDs, M2 SSDs, and a 32GB RAM drive with 32GB usable RAM.

Comment oh noz! (Score 1) 1368

So he called out corporations and their leaders for shady crap that they are in fact actually doing then they responded with lies about innovation and other bullshit to cover it while acting like 2 year olds throwing a tantrum. Yes, California's overtaxed, hyper-liberal welfare state and its massive debt should get the hell out of the USA. Then we'd never have a democratic president ever again. Great idea.

Comment not quite accurate (Score 4, Informative) 83

This depends on what country's laws you use to compare it. A long time ago I saw a screenshot of an alleged dark web index type thing and a lot of the site descriptions were like survival instructions in case of a government martial law type situation and bomb-making instructions. Neither of those are technically illegal in the US I think but they would be in a ton of other countries. A lot of stuff appeared to be very borderline but then again it wasn't an extensive list.

Comment The same as Apple 20 years ago (Score 1) 236

Remember when Apple sold massively discounted computers to school districts back in the day so kids would get used to using them and want something familiar at home? Then of course they were so crash-prone and awful that kids wanted anything other than what they used at school. It looks like MS is adopting the same strategy. I won't discount the lack of technical skills of players and coaches though.

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