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Comment I did this (Score 1) 172

I was the head IT manager at a 200 person company and for budget and workload reasons I worked salary 25 hours for 50% pay. I also own a computer repair store that's open for 26 hours so that worked nicely but if I was married with kids or had a side job like ebay resale, it'd be great. I'd say it worked perfectly and if I had to go in when I wasn't scheduled to work, it wasn't midnight, it was more like 3:00 PM.

Comment logical fallacy (Score 2) 151

I love the stupid pro-eco hipster logic on saving energy. Should 50 million people drastically change how they live to save every little bit of energy and have their lifestyles affected on a daily basis
Should someone build a solar/wind/wave/whatever power plant and then 50 million people can do whatever the hell they want. Which one is easier and more reasonable to implement?

Comment And what is AMD doing? (Score 1) 56

Maybe I missed something but the fx8300 says Copyright 2011 on it and besides the 220W joke they played on everyone, they haven't come out with anything since. What exactly are they doing over there at AMD? SOMEONE needs to put some pressure on intel to make them lower their utterly ridiculous prices.

Comment I can add something fun to this story (Score 1) 50

I personally know some of the IT workers at Eddie Bauer and they're incompetent morons that have no business working in IT. They have impressive resumes and absolutely no practical, real-world IT skills whatsoever. I was going to pursue a job there but after looking into it, I didn't even bother applying.

Comment They didn't change anything (Score 1) 85

This is utterly ridiculous. About 3 years ago I looked at the end date of 7 and it was universally stated as Jan 2020. Now they claim they're "moving" it to 2020? I've been telling my customers every single day for the last few years that the cutoff was Jan, 2020 so obviously they, at some point, moved it backwards then forwards again to pretend they're doing something.

Comment The actual cause of ALL of this (Score 1) 95

Apparently, from what I heard, they just drop the illegal drugs in the mail. You know, like the US postal service. What the hell. When I asked someone why they don't have drug-sniffing dogs, they said it's an unreasonable search and seizure amendment thing. BULLSHIT IT IS. They're at airports. They're at ports. They're everywhere! Neither are considered completely US soil sort of but still. Looking at the outside of a car during a traffic stop is legal. A dog sniffing the outside of a package for cocaine powder is completely legal. This is utterly ridiculous. People shouldn't be able to just drop illegal items into the mail. In fact, I'm 99.9999999% sure they scan USPS mail for radiation and bust it open if it has radiation coming out of it. Why the hell are they not doing this for drugs?!

Comment dark matter, huh? (Score -1) 96

So they thought there were 70 galaxies in a given location and there were actually 1300 galaxies but they're very confident they counted the total amount of visible, normal matter in the entire universe, some of which is not actually observable. Yes, I am SO SURE that dark matter isn't a calculation mistake.

Comment also add this (Score 0) 95

How about they recall every single off-brand garbage battery ever made in China? I've had replacement laptop batteries fail after a week. I've heard quite a few light on fire or melt too. The same goes for the garbage quality set of 2 batteries I got from 2 different vendors for my digital camera. Basically every non-OEM battery ever is a sketchy, dangerous, fire hazard piece of crap and the vendors are lying about their reliability.

Comment so much wrong with this (Score 1) 157

First of all, they're stating that it drew more power when overclocked. Yes, that's how overclocking works. Second, since when do graphics cards draw anything other than fan power from the PCI-E slot when they have external power hooked up? I've been told by many people that it draws nothing from the motherboard in that case. You can't even run a GPU on 2 separate power circuits from a PSU safely anyway.

Comment we're pissed (Score 4, Interesting) 165

If you're wondering how OG bitcoin enthusiasts that have been with bitcoins from late 2009 feel about it (aka me) we're PISSED! Every last person thinks China can go straight to hell. People threw parties when one of the major bitcoin mining facilities in China burned to the ground. I hope they all burn down in fact. Fuck those greedy, lying, ASIC-hoarding, patent-stealing, rip-off artist assholes and their control of the bitcoin network and manipulation of its price on a daily basis.

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