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Comment this just in (Score 1) 268

In related news, people in rural areas can't get cheap/fast internet either. Maybe if fast internet is an important part of your life, you should MOOOOOOVE to an appropriate location. I know people who moved to Arizona then moved back to Wisconsin because it was too hot there. Some people are just that fucking stupid.

Comment Just a reminder (Score 1) 144

I just wanted to remind everyone that hybrid drives with flash memory mini-SSDs have always been inconsistent, overpriced, underperforming crap ever since they were invented. My company has tested dozens of them and they're all completely unpredictable. Also a 16GB buffer? Great, my game's sound and data files are 19GB. It's just not practical and the firmware isn't nearly smart enough nor are they big enough. A 64GB one could just barely get by on loading common operating instructions but that's not how big any of them are.

Comment The actual fix (Score 1) 85

Why the actual hell haven't the major news outlets paraded around this malady like it's ebola? It scares people, it's relevant to everyone, and it has "send this story to everyone on Facebook" written all over it. It's the perfect storm and they can even take the angle of blaming the telecom companies for not doing enough to block the calls. Then you get outrage culture going. If this story was ran for a few days, EVERYONE in America would hear about it and not fall for it and the scam would fail. Everyone wins. I just don't get it.

Comment let's step back for a second (Score 1) 103

Clean energy is so important and so impossible to compete in and succeed in, 100% of the company's resources should be dedicated to it. Instead they want to go to space which is one giant money sink. Now there's this nonsense. There's only so much investor money available. This is dangerously stupid. Don't even get my started on the Hyperloop or as I like to call it, Dook Nukem Forever-loop.

Comment misleading nonsense about fantasy matter (Score 1, Informative) 156

Here, let me correct that:
Scientists Manufacture First Visual Representation of Gravitational Anomalies Inconsistent With Observed Matter
There has never been what I would consider "evidence" of dark matter, just evidence of a lack of understanding of matter, gravity, or space.

Comment wrong conclusion (Score 1) 399

Income variance is good because it encourages people to live in a smaller house, have less recurring expenses, and then it sometimes feels like "yay, I have more money." Well, that is, if they're not an idiot. Then they'd probably just overspend based on the high number and go into debt.

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