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Comment Re:"Eligible PC" (Score 1) 126

I had the same reaction. For a moment there I was regretting having thrown out my old 486 ... the one with the VESA Local Bus IDE hard disk controller and video card. Oh, and the two ISA slots. One had a 16-bit ATI TV tuner card stuck in it, and the other an esoteric 8-bit controller card for that Mars 105 black & white hand-held scanner I bought from a DAK catalog back in '89.

Comment Re:They should just pull the trigger (Score 1) 144

What other search engine is there? There's Microsoft and Google with deep pockets. Does DuckDuckGo have fat stacks of cash sitting around for some reason? How bad would it be for Mozilla to take Facebook funding? Would we really stand for it if Moz got funding from Baidu or Yandex?

I mean, insofar as we stand for things that the Mozilla foundation does now, which are mostly terrible and stupid.

So probably Facebook then.

Comment Re: Yes, because we need another (Score 1) 157

That is true. I haven't. I don't. I do have Google Voice configured to deliver SMS messages as email (and I whitelist senders to a minimum as well), precisely because I don't want to deal with another, extremely limited messaging tool. I already dislike the idea that I need accounts on six or seven different platforms to communicate with my contacts. Why add another to the list?

Comment Re:RAID (Score 4, Informative) 229

You realize that if you're using RAID5 for a volume larger than about 12TB, you're going to run in to the mathematical certainty that you'll have a read error during data a rebuild operation, right? It's not a huge deal if you're under that threshold, but I've found 20TB+ RAID5s in production systems a few times and I think it's something a lot of folks don't know about.

The issue has to do with the rated hard error rate for mechanical drives, making an uncorrectable read error a statistical certainty at around 12TB for RAID5 and 30somethingTB for RAID6.

Comment Re:Typical conservative machinations (Score 1) 84

What's the problem with just watching the good shows? I mean, if you decide to consume everything, then there's no form of expression that worthwhile. Do you realize the utter garbage that is published every year, the hundreds of thousands of hours of unlistenable music, or wasted pieces of canvas. The only difference between those and television, is that you have access to the vast majority of TV being made in your market. The fact that there are good show, and that they can be so good, means that television is something worth paying attention to.

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