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Comment Nice job humanity! (Score 4, Insightful) 203

Total Failure of Government and Society and not a good sign for the future of the human race. I personally have been well aware of the risks of Antibiotic-Resistant for over 20 years. This was the text book example of natural selection in my High School Biology class.

Instead of listening to the scientists and public health officals on the risks, we have let the greed and money in big ag run make our laws. We let them dump antibiotics in our livestock food in so we could have cheap meat and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Welcome back to the pre-antibiotic era where a cut can be deadly and hospitals can kill you. Nice job humanity!

Comment Cyanogenmod Support and It'll Be My Next Phone (Score 1) 54

In my life, I've replaced 2 cracked smartphone screens and multiple batteries, so this is a big deal for me. If I don't have to worry about the manufacture support this will be a likely candidate for my next phone upgrade.

Looking at the specs, the only thing that bothers me is the resolution. I have 20/20 vision and I can't see the pixels on my current 720p smartphone. I'd much rather use the extra GPU power for gaming and gain the extra battery life that a lower rez screen would afford. Too bad people care more about a spec sheet number than gaming performance and battery life.

Comment Good News, Good Use of Public Funding (Score 1) 110

Nice to hear the government is doing some good with my taxes instead of wasting them bombing wedding on the other side of world. When I was in school, I took some AI classes and my prof had no interest in the biological neurons. Machine Learning has made some great progress, but it's still just a bag of specialized tricks. They're too brittle and don't generalize well. If we're going to ever develop a true artificial general intelligence, we're going to have to model it after our neocortex. This is a good start.

Comment Re:Pooh-Pooh all you want. This is great news! (Score 0) 249

You mean the Microsoft that thinks it owns the users computer and can force spying and updates on people unwittingly and or against their will? Yea real swell...

Or you could just turn off both telemetry and updates, but that wouldn't give you anything to rant about. And by the way, if you turn it off, turn it off correctly. Please don't reply with some bullshit, tin foil hat wearing, MS hating blogger who can't follow basic MSDN documentation.

Comment Re:Pooh-Pooh all you want. This is great news! (Score 2) 249

Remote shells for Windows have been available for decades. Hell I remember telnet server was included with NT net tools a lifetime ago. A lifetime before that directing command interpreter thru modem ports.... Anyone who really wanted one would already have one.

Remote shells? Yes! But SECURE, Remote shells? They have never had that built-in. I don't think you realize what a bad idea it is to communicate with you company's servers over plain text. And VPNs aren't always an option. I can always get ssh through, but I've been on plenty of networks that block VPNs. Not to mention needing additional VPN software and hardware key fobs. Give me pure ssh any day!

Comment Pooh-Pooh all you want. This is great news! (Score 4, Interesting) 249

For those of us that have no choice but to manage Windows and *nix boxes, it's a pain in the ass to have to context switch between RDP and ssh'ing. This will make our job much easier. Between all the open source software, github, and stuff like this, I love the new MS. Of course our real servers will always run FreeBSD.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 3, Insightful) 65

I just don't understand what the purpose is, and it isn't stated in the thread linked -- other than a few ... (maybe) benchmarks that don't cover many real-world use cases.

How can you complain that you don't have any benchmarks to judge it by and then claim that if those benchmarks existed they do not cover real-world use cases? If your claim is true, this sounds unnecessary. But my gut trusts the kernel devs more than some close-minded Slashdot commenter afraid of change.

Comment Easy Fix for the Paranoid: Cold Reboot (Score 3, Interesting) 165

I've done some GLSL programming and it's not unreasonable for clearing a GPU buffer to take 1/20 to 1/10 the time as the actual operation on that buffer. How many Nvidia users (read gamers) would prefer to take a 5% performance hit to prevent occasional glitches like this?

This has absolutely nothing to do with Nvidia's drivers. It is a glitch in Diablo III and maybe something Chrome could address for the paranoid out there. Meanwhile, if you're really that worried about someone seeing a glimpse of your porn hours earlier, just turn your computer off/on before allowing anyone to use it next. Problem solved.

Comment Sounds like Good News for the Ocean (Score 3, Insightful) 514

I'd be a lot more sympathetic to the GMO labels cause if the anti-GMO people used science to promote their cause. But they don't instead they appeal the fear with their ignorant Frankenfood arguments.

There's a too many mouths too feed without science to improve sustainable agriculture. In this case the oceans are over-farmed, and if this helps lighten the load, I'm all for it.

With that said, GMO is a tool like selective breeding that can be used for good or bad. This sounds like a good used, where as Monsanto is a disgusting company that embodies all that's wrong with big agriculture. They have technology that could do great things but instead use it to sell more chemical that turn our precious farmland into barren wastelands.

Comment Re:Acceptable ads? (Score 1) 263

Exactly, just compare Weather Underground to reddit without an ad-blocker. Reddit is actually so unobtrusive, that I have whitelisted them for the past year.

To all these slashdotters flipping out about "acceptable ads", I have a question for you. How many of you pay for that content you're using ad blockers on? All the none-user generated content costs money and bandwidth always costs money. If everyone blocked 100% of ads, the Internet would be a very different place. I'm really happy I have the option to use ABP with unobtrusive allowed. Just like it felt better to watch Game of thrones on HBO-Go then pirating it like I had to for the first few seasons.

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