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Comment Yes, with Conditions (Score 1) 173

First of all, everything should be archived for future generations and researchers. Otherwise, it defeats the whole point of the project.

But for the general public, the robots.txt should be honored and content hidden with a few conditions. First of all, it should not be retro active. I've seen valuable information lost when domains have changed name and the new owner has blocked the contents with a robots.txt. Second of all, there should be a review system to override the robots.txt. For example, if a site is cited in Wikipeida, it the robots.txt should be ignored and hidden content unblocked.

Comment Re:Problem was a lack of quality (Score 1) 168

This was exactly the problem. Maybe 1 in 10 threads was something other than insulting one of the actors or some form of trolling. Many of the threads are just spam or totally unrelated to the movie. I don't see why these couldn't just be removed.

These low quality are almost entirely by new accounts. It would have been much smarter for them to have some kind of moderation system than scrapping it all together. For example give mod rights to older accounts that have written reviews with good feedback. They should have tried some kind of crowdsourcing before totally scrapping it.

Comment I Called This Back In 2012 (Score 1) 319

"Trying to power a low end device with Firefox, is more like trying to modify submarine to fly.

HTML and JavaScript were never designed for this purpose and it shows. After the browser wars, JavaScript has proven to be bloated and resource intensive. 100x slower then native apps. This is a stupid idea and doomed to fail."

-Me on Slashdot Sept 15, 2012

Why is this so obvious to outsiders, yet so hard for Execs to see with 6 figure salaries?

Comment Re:Why they are slow? (Score 1) 766

Because we need a canvas-blocker add-on and a flash-blocker

And the problem is these "canvas-blocker's" don't exist yet. For nearly a decade, I was perfectly happy with the speed of my browser when I had flash set to click-to-play + an ad blocker. But all the flash haters got there way and "killed" flashed.

Congratulations! You replaced it with an inferior standard that's now built into HTML5, so it's no longer trivial to block. Good job people! Flash is back, more CPU demanding than ever, and even harder to block.

Comment We Cut Off Our Nose To Spite Our Face! (Score 3, Insightful) 2837

Four years we get to listen to his pedantic bullshit.
And in four years, we have to sit through another goddamn election season where he's a candidate.
I fully expect him to appoint every conservative wingnut he can find to positions of power.
We're going to try trickle down economics one more fucking time.
We're going to boot 20 million people off of their health care, and institute health savings plans instead (great if you live well enough above your means that you can afford to set money aside).
We're going to ignore the Paris Climate Accords. The EPA will be left in tatters.
We're going to waste half a trillion dollars building a fucking wall, to address an immigration problem that is nowhere near our top concern.
We're going to defund the Department of Education.
And on and on and fucking on.
And I fully expect the Trump administration to be rife with scandals. There's a reason he didn't want to get into financial disclosures. He will use the office to further his investments.
President Trump, the greatest shitshow on earth!

Comment Permanent Batteries Suck (Score 1) 86

My Samsung SG S5 was the last Galaxy to have a user removable battery and will be the last Galaxy that I buy. Even today's top of the line phones only last about 4 hours when under heavy load like video calls and 3D gaming. And there's the fact that every charge cycles reduces the battery's capacity. The extra 1mm that having a permanent battery may shave off the thickness is not worth it. Never mind the fact that nearly everyone that drops $800 for a phone puts it in a fat protective case totally negating the slim argument.

So am I alone in taking pleasure from watching Samsung have to recall millions of phones for this idiotic move? I hope this serves as a reminder to Samsung that this was a terrible trade off for us consumers. And I hope it costs them more than the "planned obsolescence" will bring then in future profits.

Comment So in other words, "GitHub is a Terrible Metric" (Score 2, Informative) 118

If you want an accurate measure of the number of open source contributors, don't limit yourself to github. Google opened sourced their own source code management system, Monorail. Many of there projects are hosted there such as Chromium and Android. There also huge contributors to LLVM/Clang, which uses SVN and of course the Linux kernel which is also not hosted on github.

So basically BS click bait article.

Comment Why no link to the catalog? How to access this? (Score 2) 60

The article says"Prime members will now able to stream a rotating selection of more than 50 audiobooks." and proceeds to self-link to another prime fortune article . That's a blog spam trick and terrible reporting. As a prime member, I want to know what is available and how to stream it?

Comment Why did they "cut them a break"? (Score 4, Insightful) 77

I don't know how much valid information has been wrongfully censored, but when I was doing school research for a movie, I noticed that some of my results had been blocked. So I followed the 'Chilling Effects' link and there was relevant, non-infringing content that had been blocked there. I was angry enough to start to file a counter complaint only to get stonewalled because I wasn't the original copyright holder.

The system is broken. The only fix is higher penalties and lower bar for enforcement on invalid DMCA requests.

Comment Nice job humanity! (Score 4, Insightful) 203

Total Failure of Government and Society and not a good sign for the future of the human race. I personally have been well aware of the risks of Antibiotic-Resistant for over 20 years. This was the text book example of natural selection in my High School Biology class.

Instead of listening to the scientists and public health officals on the risks, we have let the greed and money in big ag run make our laws. We let them dump antibiotics in our livestock food in so we could have cheap meat and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Welcome back to the pre-antibiotic era where a cut can be deadly and hospitals can kill you. Nice job humanity!

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