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Comment Passengers? (Score 1) 197

Would be interesting to see if, during this adventure, they have someone in the car as they usually do during other tests. The other tests being on the salt flats doesn't really bring much danger into the mix that can't be avoided as opposed to long drops off cliffs. I hope they record a video of the interior while it goes up, that would be a neat one to see.

Comment Re:Fear of the computer (Score 1) 95

Most users who are not that savvy with computers tend to fear them and shy away from new things like Firefox and OpenOffice. Another thing that hurts these is sites that purport to sell Firefox and OpenOffice support packages. You find them often as sponsored links in search engines. This can cause problems as the software is free to download from the official site, downloads from those sites might open them up to spyware or viruses and last, but not least, it's a damn rip off. For a second I thought google might make an effort to not allow those sites to sponsor ads for keywords like Firefox?

Comment Re:As an American, I would like to know (Score 2, Informative) 227

I do know that here in Atlanta AT&T has been making it very difficult for third-party ISPs to operate. With AT&T trying to hard to kick Comcast in the ass, they are now giving priority to AT&T's on demand video, I often get disconnected or get smacked with high latency at peak times. My neighbors who use AT&T's own dsl, don't have these issues. I'm just waiting for the day when AT&T says enough and just boots them. I really don't know what I would do. Comcast filters, AT&T plays mean kid on the block lol. Besides, my third-party ISP actually has employees who answer the phone, speak english, live in the same town as me and KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT!!
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Submission + - Top Australian ISP removes OpenOffice.org 2

An anonymous reader writes: Australia's biggest ISP Bigpond, part of the largest telco Telstra, has removed all OpenOffice.org downloads from their free downloads mirror Bigpond Files Library. The Library main page indicates that the reason for this was to promote their new Java-based hosted office suite Bigpond Office, adding that "BigPond has launched a number of new applications that provide similar functionality to some existing application files in the file library and therefore those files have been removed". With the OO.o files no longer available as free downloads, Bigpond OO.o users will be forced to download from other locations and have those downloads count against their quota. Bigpond's quotas are among the most severe in the world according to a recent OECD report (30 KB XLS) , and with typical OO.o downloads amounting to over half the quota of Bigpond's least expensive (and most popular) plan, download costs of about AUS$15 for OO.O are possible.

Submission + - 700MB of MediaDefender internal emails leaked (torrentfreak.com) 2

qubezz writes: The company MediaDefender which works with the RIAA and MPAA against piracy (setting up fake torrents and trackers and disrupting p2p) had earlier set up a fake internet video download site designed to catch and bust users. They denied the entrapment charges. Now 700MB of internal emails from the company from the last 6 months leaked onto BitTorrent trackers detail their entire plan, how they intended to distance themselves from the fake company they set up, future strategies, and reveal other company information such as logins and passwords, wage negotiations, and numerous other aspect of their internal business! torrentfreak.com details some of the jems!

Submission + - DIRECTV freaks out and blocks everything (typepad.com) 1

eagl writes: It seems as if DIRECTV has jumped on the DRM bandwagon in a big way. Wil Wheaton finds himself with 57 channels (plus or minus a few hundred) and nothing on, quite literally. Is the inevitable result of forcing restrictive standards that do not benefit consumers?
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Submission + - First Actual Case of Cyber Terrorism? (yahoo.com)

IANAT writes: "In what may be the first actual case of cyber terrorism, someone hacked the video cameras of a Wal-Mart and called in a bomb threat. With the store under their control, they demanded that $10,000 be wired to their account, then demanded that all store patrons disrobe. There's no word yet on whether Wal-Mart has offered counseling to those forced to look at naked Wal-Mart patrons due to this incident."

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