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Comment Re: There was no sign (Score 1) 130

Your problem is use of the house/doorway metaphor where it does not fit. Even if you could make a case (which I'll not address here) that allowing someone to log into a server does not automatically grant the right to download files to which they have been given read access, you certainly cannot make such a case for an FTP server, which is dedicated to allowing downloads and/or uploads of accessible files. The fact of its being an FTP server that allows the user access counts as the "Please download" sign.

Submission + - IBM Researchers Propose Device to Speed Neural Net Learning by up to 30,000X (

skywire writes: We've all followed the recent story of AlphaGo beating a top Go master. Now IBM researchers Tayfun Gokmen and Yurii Vlasov have described what could be a gamechanger for machine learning — an array of resistive processing units that would use stochastic techniques to dramatically accelerate the backpropagation algorithm, speeding up neural network training by a factor of 30,000. They argue that such an array would be reliable, low in power use, and buildable with current CMOS fabrication technology.

Submission + - How far have we come with HTTPS? Google turns on the spotlight

alphadogg writes: HTTPS is widely considered one of the keys to a safer Internet, but only if it's broadly implemented. Aiming to shed some light on how much progress has been made so far, Google on Tuesday launched a new section of its transparency report dedicated to encryption. Included in the new section is data highlighting the progress of encryption efforts both at Google and on popular third-party sites. "Our aim with this project is to hold ourselves accountable and encourage others to encrypt so we can make the Web even safer for everyone," wrote HTTPS evangelists Rutledge Chin Feman and Tim Willis on the Google Security Blog.

Comment Word Game (Score 1) 106

There is no objective difference between, on the one hand, counting towards a cap (beyond which one must pay a surcharge) only data not received from certain stated parties, and on the other, counting towards a cap only data received from certain stated parties. To claim otherwise it to play a transparently absurd word game. It's like claiming that giving a discount on cash purchases of petrol is different to assessing a surcharge on credit purchases.

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