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Submission + - How far have we come with HTTPS? Google turns on the spotlight

alphadogg writes: HTTPS is widely considered one of the keys to a safer Internet, but only if it's broadly implemented. Aiming to shed some light on how much progress has been made so far, Google on Tuesday launched a new section of its transparency report dedicated to encryption. Included in the new section is data highlighting the progress of encryption efforts both at Google and on popular third-party sites. "Our aim with this project is to hold ourselves accountable and encourage others to encrypt so we can make the Web even safer for everyone," wrote HTTPS evangelists Rutledge Chin Feman and Tim Willis on the Google Security Blog.

Submission + - Apple and Universal Music agreement on streaming iRadio service imminent | The V (

An anonymous reader writes: TechCrunch and The Verge are reporting that Apple is near a deal with Universal Music to provide a streaming 'iRadio' music service. 'Apple is expected to launch a web radio service similar to Pandora's later this year, provided that executives there can strike an agreement with Sony Music Entertainment as well as music publishers. Talks with Sony, which operates the third label, Sony Music Entertainment and Sony / ATV, the music publishing company jointly run with the estate of the late singer Michael Jackson, are said to not be as far along towards reaching a deal. ... As for the financial terms, Apple will not receive the steep discounts it had sought for the labels' music.' Apple's 400 million active iTunes accounts could give even Pandora, with its 200 million users, something to worry about. 'For startups and streaming music companies, this means looking closely at the competitive advantages offered by their own platforms and decided how best to position their own services. A key advantage, and one that will likely get emphasized by virtually everyone challenged by an iRadio, is cross-platform compatibility. Apple will likely be able to offer something along those lines through iTunes on Windows, but for the most part it’ll be a strictly iOS/Mac affair. That, combined with personalization and recommendation engines, along with other value add features, will be the way to combat an iTunes streaming service, but no matter what, an Apple product will change the face of this market.'

Submission + - Six Retailers Announce Recall of Buckyballs and Buckycubes High-Powered Magnet (

thereitis writes: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with six retailers, is announcing the voluntary recall of all Buckyballs and Buckycubes high-powered magnet sets due to ingestion hazard. CPSC continues to warn that these products contain defects in the design, warnings and instructions, which pose a substantial risk of injury and death to children and teenagers. An administrative complaint has been filed which is rare, as CPSC has filed only four administrative complaints in the past 11 years.

Submission + - SPAM: Can high-tech untangle traffic quagmire?

coondoggie writes: As anyone who commutes to work knows, traffic congestion is a huge waste of time and money. Traffic congestion resulted in 4.2 billion hours of time spent waiting in traffic and 2.8 billion gallons of extra fuel used, at a total cost of $87.2 billion in 2007 alone, according to one study. With the advent of smartphones that have Web access and development of a variety of advance sensor networks in and around roadways as well as pending Federal legislation that will promote the use of high-tech traffic management systems, some experts say we could be on the brink of a better way of traveling by car. But challenges abound, not the least of which is money to develop the new technologies. A report issued this week by the Government Accountability Office states that research shows real-time high-tech traffic information systems can alleviate traffic congestion by providing travelers with information on traffic and other travel conditions, as well as on alternative routes.

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Submission + - The Voynich Manuscript Decoded? ( 1

MBCook writes: "The Voynich Manuscript has confounded attempts to decode it for nearly 100 years. A person named Edith Sherwood, who has previously suggested a possible link to DaVinci, has a new idea: perhaps the text is simply anagrams of Italian words. There are three pages of examples from the herb section of the book, showing the original text, the plaintext Italian words, and the English equivalents. Has someone cracked the code?"

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