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Comment Re:Microsoft bashes Microsoft. (Score 1) 502

This may be a good time to switch to Linux.

You people keep saying this, but it's never true. There is still no legitimate reason for average end users to install Linux on anything. Linux is an unmanageable piece of shit for anyone who's not a computer person. Always has been, and it's the reason why 2017 also won't be the year of the Linux desktop.

You'd have to make Linux just as insecure and phishing-friendly as Windows in order to convince anyone to use it. Double-click an exe, and disregard any warnings, to install an app? May be insecure, but it's why people use Windows.

I fully agree with you that Linux can be used as a desktop, if a computer capable person pre-configures and prepares everything, and the needs of the user are so few that there's no need for exe files, but that doesn't make it a viable alternative to Windows in any argument, except in a managed environment.

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1) 469

If white people spent a proportional amount of time living in a ghetto and doing nothing but playing basketball all day since young, then there would similarly be many white people who were as good as black people. But poor white people don't live the same way poor black people do. The community is just different.

Comment Re:Basic Math time (Score 1) 519

You're assuming everyone is unemployed? suggests a 5% unemployment rate for 2016. That's 16 million unemployed people, or $160b/year. That wouldn't even cause a dent in the defense budget. Actually, according to wikipedia, it would cost about the same as a war on Iraq.

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