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Comment Re:American's are not exceptional (Score 1) 619

The people in China and Russia and India and wherever-the-fuck who are any good at what they do aren't even remotely involved with H-1B. They laugh in the face of H-1B. They are paid more by their sovreign states than any American company would ever shell out for an H-1B applicant.

Hence his example is very much valid, as these incompetents represent the majority of H-1B holders. Not those Chinese smartphone engineers. I don't even see why you have to pull them into the argument.

H-1B is a poor excuse for importing third world trash. American trash is so much better.

Comment There's linux, and then there's linux (Score 0) 510

CentOS/RedHat, those will leave you around the Windows Server 2000/2003 level in terms of "easy to use". Beyond that, there really isn't anything. But you'll still need to deal with everything about these distros that is still Linux. Want to configure anything? Then you have to dig out your command-line based notepad variant.

Then there's Ubuntu. That'll give you an intolerably inferior GUI to use with all your off-brand open source alternatives. Comparable to maybe Windows XP pre-service pack, maybe SP1. But you'll still need to dig out your command-line based notepad variant for any kind of serious configuration.

There's no way around it really. Linux is just terribly inconvenient to work with. It's powerful, absolutely, but with great power comes terrible manageability.

The more obscure the distribution you choose, the worse it is to deal with, but the more powerful it becomes. Choose wisely.

Comment Wireless neurons (Score 1) 251

We need artificial wireless neurons. Not a lot, just enough to let the brain know that stored information can be accessed via these neurons. Let the neurons pull data from the megamind AI hadoop deep thought big data servers, and voila, humans now know that religion is a hoax, jet fuel can't melt steel beams and 1+1 = 2. Then we can focus on social education instead of victorian education, and make this shit society of ours a bit better to live in.

But this tech needs to be available to anyone, not just Americans and friends. We don't need an even greater divide between ignoramuses and everyone else.

Comment DuckyDuck (Score 1) 210

I don't understand how people are so unwilling to hand everything over to big ol' American Google, but when it comes to the big ol' Russian Google-clone Yandex there are no qualms what so ever. You dumbasses don't think they do the exact same thing, only with less oversight and antitrust litigation?

Comment Re:Microsoft bashes Microsoft. (Score 1) 503

This may be a good time to switch to Linux.

You people keep saying this, but it's never true. There is still no legitimate reason for average end users to install Linux on anything. Linux is an unmanageable piece of shit for anyone who's not a computer person. Always has been, and it's the reason why 2017 also won't be the year of the Linux desktop.

You'd have to make Linux just as insecure and phishing-friendly as Windows in order to convince anyone to use it. Double-click an exe, and disregard any warnings, to install an app? May be insecure, but it's why people use Windows.

I fully agree with you that Linux can be used as a desktop, if a computer capable person pre-configures and prepares everything, and the needs of the user are so few that there's no need for exe files, but that doesn't make it a viable alternative to Windows in any argument, except in a managed environment.

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