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Comment Re:As of 2012-12-04 17:00 UTC (Score 1) 80

Accordning to a note from Facebook Site Governance if "more than 30% of all active registered users vote, the results will be binding. If turnout is less than 30%, the vote will be advisory".

To expect 30% to actually read the proposed changes or even care to vote... well, I guess that's a little optimistic. I wouldn't expect the vote to actually have any effect at all so the changes will probably be implemented anyway. Not that I suggest not to vote but this "democratic approach" seems like it's just for the sake of it. But thanks for asking us.

Submission + - Hotmail tops Gmail says study (typepad.com)

doperative writes: The Which? testers like the 5GB of storage space offered by Hotmail and its interface:

"It actually feels like part of the operating system," they noted, and liked the way they could group messages into conversations. Advertising was unobtrusive and they thought the spam filter good. (Gmail offers more than 7GB for free.)

User Journal

Journal Journal: Again: Superluminal Kaluza-Klein Charges Lose Their Effect.

Subluminal Kaluza-Kein charges are not polarized in an encounter with the superluminal variety as they are with other subluminals. So they see and change their path only in response to the difference of the red and blue fields instead of the sum of the magnitudes. This reduces the effect to the level of a gravitational interaction, twenty powers of ten smaller than the subluminal electrostatic interactions.

Comment Re:Honestly, these problems are solveable (Score 1) 885

Apple iTunes - Using open source music program "Amarok". Result? Software does not annoy (and works much better than iTunes as well).

For Linux, Agreed. But when is Amarok going to work in Windows or with people's iPods? Oh. Never ?? So what alternateive choice does a person using windows have ?

Amarok actually works fine with most ipods and a Windows version is coming soon.

Windows Update - Using Genuine Linux Distro "Ubuntu". Result? No licensing restrictions, no DRM, no repeated system restarts, no service packs to fix the previous service pack, that fixed the previous service pack, that fixed months old critical bugs.

No repeated system restarts, but none ? What about when your kernel is updated ? What about VMWare needing to be recompiled once you HAVE rebooted ?

Of course you're going to reboot your system once in a while but it happens less often in Linux and it doesn't bug you as much as Windows with annyoing popups stealing the focus.

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