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Comment Re:Helicopter parents ftw! (Score 1) 117

But maybe it really is the subsequent kids who need the above mentioned devices. As my wife said recently: "It'll be good when we have more kids – then we don't have time for accidentally waking them up all the time while checking if they are allright."

Comment It depends how you work (Score 1) 965

I moved from Debian to OS X (Tiger) in 2006 because I wanted to try Mac and didn't have the time to tinker with a Linux desktop to make it work. Being tired of not being able to upgrade my programs anymore (e.g., being stuck with Firefox 3.6) and unwilling to buy an OS X upgrade I installed Ubuntu on my Macbook in 2011.

I still use Ubuntu and can't imagine going back. But that's probably because of the tools I use: I think installing and using, e.g., open source programming tools and LaTeX is more streamlined in Linux than Mac.

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