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Comment Re:I have a out of this world solution (Score 1) 63

I can tell you exactly how much time a reverse engineer invests in a file that may or may not be malware: Zero seconds. There isn't even close to enough time to start looking at even a tiny fraction of all the potentially dodgy files that make it past the attention of an AV team. And there isn't also any need for this, we do have very sophisticated automated tools that do pretty much what you describe, create a VM environment and run the file. Well, it does a bit more than just run it, but let's keep it at that. ;)

Usually that's enough to flag a file as "interesting", even if the malware code isn't executed in the normal branch for some reason, and this one managed to escape that detection routine. But this is much like the original trojan horse: A great idea the first time, but won't work again. Ever.

(and yes, I know about the video where they showed that people still fall for that most ancient of all tricks)

Comment Re:How much do they vary? (Score 1) 228

One that comes to my mind without looking stuff up would probably be the "end of an age" - "end of the world" translation error in the KJV. Maybe that's why people in the US fear the second coming while everyone else is waiting anxiously for it. It was corrected in the NKJV in 79, but apparently it was too late.

Comment Re:How is this different from any university? (Score 1) 132

Mostly 'cause my degree costed like 5000 bucks. Our universities challenge your brain, not your wallet.

It's easy to get in, IIRC the financial investment is roughly 500 bucks a semester. Most of it is state funded. You'd assume that everyone and their dog takes that offer? You bet. So the university has zero, none, nada requirement or even interest to hold your hand and carry you through. You make it, great, if not, step aside you're holding the line up. Dropout rates are "insane" by US standards, but it has its advantages. First of all, those that do manage to get through this are good. Really, really good. And second, nobody has time for bullshit like "microaggressions" or "safe spaces".

Comment Hmmm.... makes me ponder.... (Score 1) 77

Considering the whole mess that PC game was is a half-baked, barely ported console clone, one has to wonder whether that rootkit exists in the console version as well, and whether it can be used to gain control over the system...

Why should rootkits only work against the interests of the person owning... ok, that's saying too much, "being in the possession of" is a better term ... the machine?

Comment Re:Going from bad to worse (Score 1) 77

Great, so next time you buy a house I won't hear you complain about shoddy insulation, leaky windows, doors I cannot lock and moldy rooms because it has walls and a roof, so the most important things are there. But I promise to deliver the door locks and insulation within the month, promised. I'll also deliver the missing walls and shingles when we remove the mold.

Then 6 months later I come and charge you extra for all that. Without delivering it, of course.

I am sure I won't hear a single complaint from you, right?

Comment Re:This should be the death of Capcom (Score 2) 77

You do understand, I hope, that anitivirus and OS can't do jack against something the user wants to install, despite any and all warnings, yes? Which is, by the way, the way it SHOULD be, because the opposite is way worse: The OS deciding what I may and what I may not install on a computer I allegedly own.

Comment Re:I have a out of this world solution (Score 1) 63

This is rather odd, considering how manual malware reverse engineering works. Usually when you get a sample to dissect, you already know that it's a bogey. So it not doing what it's supposed to do is a quick way to become even more interesting, and finding that reason shouldn't take a good AV researcher more than an hour, tops.

It also doesn't really add to the complexity of the analysis, creating/copying a handful of documents into your VM isn't that big a deal, what you'll probably do is to clean up, copy the files in, create a new base image and run from there. The delay this would cause is minimal.

This as a hurdle for human researchers makes rather little sense, to be honest.

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