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Comment Re:I'll take the bait (Score 2) 27

The Location of data has what to do with its movement around the world?

It always exists in at least one place.

Even that is not a given. Think about a RAID5 spread over several legislations, where each hard drive is in another country. No legislation has control over a complete set of the information in the RAID5, and only if one reads a sector of it, its parts get requested in the different locations and combined to the real data. And only if all but one legislations agree, you are able to get the complete information, as the data from n-1 stripes can reconstruct the original.

Comment "infinitesimally precise location data " my arse (Score 1) 113

Everyone knows that a GPS like TomTom doesn't rely on the GPS coordinates it's given. Instead it assumes that it is on a road, assuming slightly stronger that it is on the road it's supposed to be on than on a nearby road, and corrects it's position.

A TomTom would not be able to recognise for example that you are driving on the wrong side of the motorway. It would find your rough position (GPS is "rough" with an error of a few meters if you're lucky), detects your motion vector, the figures out the location on its map where you are most likely to be.

Comment Re:Learning to program will get mr a job? (Score 2) 155

So technical training is all I need to get a good job and keep it?

I'd say so, given the pattern of MS layoffs thus far: * QA people * Salesmen * Manufacturing workers in FInland * More salesmen

Coding seems to be the place to be. I know some devs were layed off along the way, but from what I hear backchannel it's still a net increase in coding jobs (cloud and mobile growing fast, other areas slowly shrinking).

A company doesn't need Salesmen when it can push out a product digitally and only a few people whine about it. As for Q&A people just reduce them, after all we have over 300 million testers out there and we can always push out mandatory patches latter.

Comment Re:Pointless (Score 1) 103

This is pointless. Microsoft already owns enough lawmakers and judges so that they can do whatever they want. As to any class action joke, Microsoft would end up giving the legal firm a token few million dollars and the members of the class would end up with coupons for "free" upgrades to Windows 10.

You are dead right. There is only one way to hurt Microsoft and that is not to use their products and somehow I can't see most people doing that.

Comment Re:Fuck MS (Score 1) 103

Fuck MS. Mod +5 Insightful because you know it's true and no more needs to be said on the matter.

Well this is all well and good but saying that to corporation is effectively like talking to a brick wall and I think the brick wall will be more responsive.

What are YOU going to do about Microsoft's questionable methods of installing Windows 10 and how all settings are turned on by default?

Do you:

1. Mumble allot about Big Brother but still put on your gold plated chains?
2. Install a non-Microsoft operating and then bitch because "It's not what I am used too", then go back to "1"?
3. Install a non-Microsoft operating system and learn to use it effectively, therefore having more privacy and saving money?

It's your choice. "You have nothing to lose but your chains".

Comment Re: How can this possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 244

I think most of us understand this. I think most of us know that this has to do with selling stuff using the olympics without the permission of the Olympics. However, the olympics is lawsuit happy so it is not unreasonable to think the policy might have some negative impact on people who are just tweeting.

Comment Re:Solution found (Score 1) 85

Agreed. I never wanted a wireless keyboard from the first day they existed, for three reasons. The pain of having to change and hunt down batteries, the utter and complete lack of security, and because it's pointless to be wireless. So other people just NOW realized there were security problems? Were these the same people who were surprised that their parents could see their drunken party photos on facebook?

Depends on your computing needs. Personally, I prefer wireless to cables and as for hunting batteries my Logitech MK710 and matching mouse I only need to change them every one to two years. I also have a popup display that tells me their battery strength. My keyboard is also encrypted between itself and the unifying receiver.

Comment Re:Even better... (Score 1) 85

...use a laptop; it comes with a keyboard at no extra cost.


Not if that laptop comes with Microsoft Windows 10, it has a perfectly good keystroke logger that is turned on by default.

At least a desktop is fully upgradable if you so desire, unlike a laptop which has limited upgradability usually in memory and storage. Comparing performance and price a desktop wins over a laptop all the time. The only thing the laptop wins is in portability.

Comment Re:Rookie mistake (Score 1) 152

So, two rookie mistakes. The actor for entering an unsafe situation, and the operator not making the area safe.

Three mistakes. Whoever designed the door obviously doesn't have any experience with production automation, and didn't have an automated stop to prevent the door from closing if someone wasn't where they were supposed to be. Light curtains, pressure mats, whatever.

Comment Re:could have died != almost died (Score 0) 152

"Andrew Marshall, prosecuting, said the breaches had caused a “risk of death” and that if the emergency stop had not been pressed in time

Why was there only a manual E-stop on it? Something that big and heavy should also have had hidden light curtains or other automated means of stopping it.

Comment Typos (Score 1) 15

If you're referring to the book, I took great pains to leave the stories as close to how they were presented in the magazines as possible, leaving typos in. One story I got from Gutenberg had typos edited out, I re-inserted them. Five of them were printed in the bound versions of the book and PDF from cleaned-up scans of the original stories. I saw three in Leinster's story.

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