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Comment Re:What videos exactly? (Score 1) 205

People rarely have a lot of love for the party in the position to charge them more; but the fact that a 'search company' apparently can't make any useful promises regarding where your ads will end up is probably not helping their position on this one.

Even in situations where everything is pretty banal; advertisers generally want some targeting of the impressions they are paying for to the audience they are trying to reach. If Google can't demonstrate an ability to avoid certain contexts on request, why would an advertiser believe that they are any more accurate or honest when it comes to targeting certain audiences?

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 2) 441

Trump's relationship with the truth isn't so much interesting in that it's fairly casual; but in how self-destructive it seems to be.

People lying in order to advance their interests is an issue; but hardly unexpected or particularly abnormal. People who can't stop lying even when they'd be trivially better off keeping their mouths shut are a different matter. Something like the inagural crowd size thing: that's an idiotic lie. Trivially verifiable, hilariously petty; and completely unnecessary. He didn't lose much by it, since nobody actually seems to expect better; but he had virtually nothing to gain even if it had worked; and no reasonable expectation that it would work.

Comment Re:Sure, if they had the willpower... (Score 1) 441

Most Trump supporters are probably not worried that immigrants are coming from India and taking the jobs from IT workers. most of these workers are in the 'liberal' coastal cities that did not vote for Trump, and as such, are of no consequence. Trump campaigned on closing the border to immigrants that are taking low wage hard jobs that Americans do not want.

On the other hand Trump has asked for visa for over a 1000 foriegn workers over the past decade of so. These are for the type of jobs that should be easy to fill with US workers. Cooks, golf caddies, picking grapes, etc. These are not high skilled jobs, and the only reason to import workers is because of the potentially lower pay or ability to deport workers if they refuse to work, or complain about the condition, of violate confidentiality agreements.

Comment Re:Not all wrecks can be avoided (Score 2) 211

Conversations would be different if the uber car was at fault but not all accidents can be avoided.

There are accidents that nobody could avoid, there are accidents that I cannot avoid, and accidents that could be avoided.

Obviously self driving cars will initially have to be clever enough to only cause accidents very, very rarely, At some point when this is achieved, they will try to avoid avoidable accidents where someone else is at fault.

Comment Re:Car manufacturers (Score 1) 213

If lexmark win this then every car manufacturer will be able to create their own fuel and shut out generic petrol alternatives.

The first car maker trying that would go bankrupt within a very short time. If Ford were mad enough to build a car that I can only fill up at Ford gas stations, what sane person would buy that car?

Comment Re:Fait Acompli? (Score 1) 213

I'm not clear on patent law in this case (certainly not the US laws), but I thought patent licenses cover manufacturing, not use.

It covers use as well. Imagine someone with a _real_ patent, and some company makes a million unlicensed products and sells them cheap. Then as a buyer you can't say "I'm just using the product, I didn't produce it, I should be allowed to use it".

Obviously when you pay a patented cartridge made by Lexmark you _have_ a license to use it. And if you sell that cartridge to me then I have a license to use it, and you don't have it anymore.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 3, Insightful) 441

He is not more truthful than any other head of state. As every head of state before him, he tries to get through his agenda. But differently than many an head of state before, he vastly overestimates his own abilities. So far, all of the prominent election promises he tried to implement were wrecked because the way he tried to implement them didn't work. Maybe he will learn. Maybe he recognizes that there is more to being a president than making bold promises. Maybe he finds out that there is a reality which does not care about ideology but just is as it is. And reality does not change just because the President of the United States watches TV and misunderstands what he sees.

Comment Re:Secure by name (Score 1) 96

Role-based administration and privilege separation. Linux still sucks in this area. With windows you get a security token that gives you permission to do just what you need, on Linux you need to suid yourself to root to do just about anything, which allows you to do absolutely everything. The massive whitelist that is selinux is a backwards way of implementing security.

I suggest you read up on what sudo is capable off. You can easily setup sudo via its configuration file (/etc/sudoers) that will allow users that require elevated privileges (eg. Database and Web Administrators) to do their work without needing root access.

Unix has had Access Control Lists from early late 1980 going into the early 1990's. Linux got ACL's also in the early 1990's.

As for SELinux. I would be nice if you had a program that could understand "intent" but it is far easier to know what is required (eg files, directories and ports) and how to treat them rather than try to guess what to do about things you don't know about. In other words, what you don't know about you don't allow.

Comment Re:Note to self (Score 2) 213

The catch is that it's starting to be "never buy anything" from anyone. There isn't a company on this planet that doesn't want this ability to control it's products after purchase, and they consistently get away with it.

It seems that I can get third party cartridges for my Brother laser printer quite easily. It seems that Brother doesn't try stopping others from making cartridges.

Comment Re:Fait Acompli? (Score 2) 213

Excuse me? What have they patented exactly?

It doesn't really matter. They have patented _something_ and nobody claims that patent would be invalid. They then go on to claim that because they have some patent, nobody is allowed to refill their cartridges. And that's what should fail in court.

The exception would be if they have a patent on refilling cartridges, then they can deny you the right to refill cartridges _using their patented method_, but they still can't deny you the right to refill cartridges in any other way.

Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 1) 200

In the cities talked about in the article, i.e. Austin and San Antonio, one is not spending $4,000 a month for a shoebox apartment. That much money would rent a very nice apartment, or buy a modest house in a desirable part of the city.

But many people are looking for a house that is about a maybe two or three square foot for every dollar of their monthly mortgage. That can be hard to find in the city. While one can find a very desirable house at very reasonable costs in the city, it is often in locations where there are diverse people.

The other item is similar to when people moved into the city. More young adults are used to living in the suburbs, and while may move to the city when they are young, are inevitably going to move back to their childhood norm, which increasingly is the exurbs.

Comment Indie Movies are the way to go (Score 1) 387

Sure, the Super Hero block busters are fun, they are like roller coasters. Not much intellectual stimulation, no real plot to speak of, no real story either. I hesitate to call them "movies," I think "blockbuster" is perfect.

Don't get me wrong, I like "blockbusters" sometimes, but there are so many really really good films being produced that have to go to netflix or amazon because there is no screen space at the theaters. "Beauty and the Beast?" are you f*&^&*king kidding me? Sure, its good to see Hermione with a day job, but its on every damned screen in the theaters.

We need to differentiate between "big" movies and all the others. The "big" movies need to cost more. The other movies should cost less. Then there will be openings for better "movies."

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