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Comment Re:Windows is Bloated (Score 1) 101

As with a lot of annoying Microsoft things these days; the fact that you can't is more of a licensing issue than a technical one.

On the desktop, Windows 10 LTSB is the de-crapified version you actually want; but haha, volume-licensed enterprise SKUs only!

If you have the appropriate Windows Server version license; you can install "server core" or "nano server"; which have even more cut out; but while that can at least be purchased in single units; it's a fairly expensive way to declutter a workstation.

It took a while; but Microsoft did manage to disentangle a lot of the formerly mandatory bits and pieces; it's just that they seem loath to actually sell that to you unless they've exhausted all the alternatives.

Comment Re:The Ministry of Truth (Score 1) 105

You are missing the point: the point is that if many different "mainstream" news sources agree on something *despite* their differing editorial slants, than the sort of claim being made that this is somehow due to them being part of a "ministry of truth" or anything remotely like that is very dodgy.

Comment One Apple price for Euros (Score 1) 64

In case nobody has noticed: For everything that Apple sells online, the developer choses a "pricing tier", and Apple then picks all the prices for about 150 different countries. However, the price isn't actually picked per country - it is picked _per currency_. So every country charging in Euros will charge the same number of Euros.

The exception in the EU is the United Kingdom, which is shared in UK pound (which slashdot cannot display properly). But lots of Brits have expressed their strong opinion that they are quite willing to pay more for everything once the UK leaves the EU. Fuck frogface Farage and mini-Trump Boris Johnson.

Comment Re:literaly a solution (Score 2) 70

Actually, there are not many chemicals that break down plastic. That's why it is such a handy material to make containers from, because it can contain about anything. And that's also why plastic garbage is such a problem. Plastic is mostly destroyed by sunlight and by heat. While the second one goes fast, it is not feasible for the cleanup of whole landscapes (except you want them scorched), the first one is a very slow process.

Comment Re:Synonyms being used (Score 4, Insightful) 109

Any particular reason why we should just assume that only those nice, 'anonymized', 'statistics' were for sale; or that the 'anonymizing' done wasn't as pitifully weak as it often is?

Shockingly enough, people seem to be willing to pay more for data that are more or less cosmetically obfuscated, and trivial to correlate with information from other sources; and less for data that are actually anonymous enough to be impossible to reconstruct.

Comment Re:Couldn't Apple remove the Uber App as a respons (Score 1) 113

This is what should have happened when Cook met with him.

Actually, what should have happened is that Cook said: Look, not only did you break our app store rules, but you actively added code to keep is from detecting it. So your app is rejected, will be removed from everyone's phone, your developer account is closed, and you won't be allowed to create a new one.

Comment Re:They simply remember your UDID (Score 1) 113

Then there's IDFA, the Identifier for Advertisers, which the user can reset at any time via system settings, and which Apple will reject your app for if they catch you using it for anything other than ad-tracking.

And every time I submit an app, they threaten me personally with all kinds of nastiness if the app does anything with the IDFA that it shouldn't. I'd say they take this seriously. And I'd say that if I worked for Uber (which I probably wouldn't), I would _not_ be the one submitting apps.

Comment Re:They simply remember your UDID (Score 1) 113

And for many years now, long before 2005, Apple removed the ability to request the UDID of a phone, and didn't allow anyone on the app store who would try to identify your iPhone. So very clearly against the app store rules. And they knew that, so this wouldn't happen if the app was run near Cupertino, where presumably the testers were located who checked for this.

There is a new thing - a device specific identifier for a vendor. That is a unique code identifying your phone _to one application_. And this identifier is destroyed when you delete the application. So various vendors cannot identify whether you used two or three of their applications, because the vender identifiers are different, and they can't keep track of anything when you delete the app.

Wall Street IT Engineer Hacks Employer To See If He'll Be Fired (bleepingcomputer.com) 196

An anonymous reader writes: A Wall Street engineer was arrested for planting credentials-logging malware on his company's servers. According to an FBI affidavit, the engineer used these credentials to log into fellow employees' accounts. The engineer claims he did so only because he heard rumors of an acquisition and wanted to make sure he wouldn't be let go. In reality, the employee did look at archived email inboxes, but he also stole encryption keys needed to access the protected source code of his employer's trading platform and trading algorithms.

Using his access to the company's Unix network (which he gained after a promotion last year), the employee then rerouted traffic through backup servers in order to avoid the company's traffic monitoring solution and steal the company's source code. The employee was caught after he kept intruding and disconnecting another employee's RDP session. The employee understood someone hacked his account and logged the attacker's unique identifier. Showing his total lack of understanding for how technology, logging and legal investigations work, the employee admitted via email to a fellow employee that he installed malware on the servers and hacked other employees.

Comment Re:The only Reasonable Solution. (Score 1) 266

Imagine if they got the wrong sperm AND egg; which is entirely possible since it was in-vitro. Using this theory, the clinic could be held 100% financially responsible for the child until age 18!

I won't discuss whether this is right or wrong. But let's assume the clinic is a business. When you run a business, you want to get paid for your cost, plus some profit, and if there is a risk that you make mistakes, you add the probability of a mistake times the cost of a mistake. if there's a one in thousand chance of a million dollar mistake, then the cost goes up by $1,000. If people don't want to pay the $1,000, then they can't get the goods.

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