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Comment Re:Weird decision (Score 1) 249

Micky Mouse Club house is the modern version... Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Pete, Daisy, professor, etc.. etc.. All show up on the tube and make the little kids dance and sing and generally happy. So if they are doing just to extend various rights to the franchise, at least they are doing it with some style.


Submission + - Underground city uncovered with lasers (

An anonymous reader writes: Here's a great use of laser scanning technology — the Nottingham Caves Survey have been using a Leica laser scanner to map and visualize hundreds of man-made caves hidden beneath the city of Nottingham in the UK. Results as seen on Gizmodo are pretty spectacular!

Submission + - NASA Kepler spots rocky, “iron dumbbell&rdqu (

coondoggie writes: NASA today said its star-gazing satellite Kepler has identified its first rocky planet orbiting a sun similar to our own — 560 light years from our solar system. While not in an area of space considered habitable, the rocky planet known as Kepler-10b and is never-the-less significant because it showcases the ability of Kepler to find and track such small exoplanetary movements.

Comment No thanks... (Score 1) 1

No thanks, All Americans already have an ID, it is a soc... I can't keep that one straight, now they want us to have two!? So thats another 10$/month for ID theft prevention I'd have to shell out, and for my wife and kids.... Where does it end?!

The Internet

Submission + - Internet ID for all? ( 1

ColleenMiller writes: The Obama admin has asked Commerce Dept to give all Americans unique Internet ID. Sounds like a national ID card to many. Big Brother?

Submission + - Is the Worst Over For BP? (

iamrmani writes: BP Plc, which is tormented by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, has witnessed a positive development last week when Presidential Commission did not find BP solely responsible for the oil spill, but that it shares the blame with service contractors and government regulators.

Submission + - Diagnosis of Tucson shooter ( 2

bradley13 writes: This article in the New York Times points out that Mr. Loughner, the person accused of shooting 19 people in Tucson, has shown increasing mental disturbances over the past few months, and offers this diagnosis: "the rambling, disconnected writings and videos he has left on the Web are consistent with the delusions produced by a psychotic illness like schizophrenia, which develops most often in the teens or 20s". If true, this means that all of the fans of political conspiracy theories will need to look elsewhere...

Submission + - Karma strike against 3

sjs132 writes: Ever get a call by and want to get revenge on the folks that did it? Well This guy did too. But they wouldn't give up who initiated the prank, so some pubilc digging and basic internet sleuthing reveals the owner of prankdail and his phone number. Time for Karma to come a calling....

Comment Re:yay! (Score 1) 648

Argue as you must... Your Wiki holds no water. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...." Everything else is just inference about "what the definition of is, is.", etc...


So AT MOST you could say that she was practicing a religion. At that point then they should NOT be trying to use her speech at all. But she was NOT practicing a religion. They wanted it removed for FEAR. FEAR OF OFFENDING SOMEONE OF ANOTHER RELIGION! If they like the speech so much, then they should of ASKED her to come IN PERSON AND GIVE THE SPEECH. Then she could of delivered it if she choose, without the God or Jesus. Short of that, it was an abuse of HER SPEECH. IT DESTROYED HER RIGHTS.

THAT is what I'm talking about.... Look, Take the religion out... She spoke, they wanted to play parts of it because they didn't like others. They wanted to "CLEANSE" the speech. JUST like CHINA and other repressive governments do to their citizenry.

WHY? Because we have to assume that they know better and can protect us from ourselves because we are too stupid to decide if we can handle when we hear something? This is a PC Bullshit that STOMPS on our free speech...

I am offended EVERYDAY by when I see people crumble to the PC establishment... YOU offend me. What if I asked for all your comments to be stricken from slashdot because you offended me?!?!? I would hope you would be abhorred at the very thought that it could happen, but at the same time you are suggesting that it should.

Instead, I won't ask for your offending comments to be removed. No, I'd rather buy you a beer and continue to have a civilized argument like we can because we have this free speech! THAT is how it should work.

Comment Re:yay! (Score 1) 648

My whole point was that they used religion to limit the free speech of an individual. The religious issue is an aside. Yes it was emotional, but more because they felt they had the RIGHT to remove the speech of a fellow citizen in the United States. The fact that it was religious or not was secondary.

Insubordinate? Would I be Insubordinate if I was asked to kill someone and refused? My contract was not to EDIT video. My contract was to maintain and control the users on the network. I was a network tech. The fact that I had the video editing software on my computer was from a completely different thing when I was testing the installs over the network. Other than that, I did not do editing, and the only reason they felt they could push the "contract" button was there was a clause that read something to the effect "and other duties as assigned..." Again, would raping someone fall under that? How about editing grades for the boss's kids? Yep, those are crimes... Why is violating someones speech NOT a crime? It is, so I refused. Insubordinate? Don't think so.

Separation of church and state... Nonexistent. It was inferred from letters by TJ and never made law. Trust me, I asked to see the LAW that said there had to be a separation of church and state and that this school sanctioned speech somehow then violated because she mentioned Jesus and GOD. They could not show me, just stammered about how they were "advised..." She did not PREACH that we would die if we didn't believe... or that her religion was better.. No, she THANKED her assumed Deity. How is that in need of removal? It happens on TV award shows and NFL games, etc... But COWARDS and ATHEISTS use the "Separation of church and state" as a test for EVERY REASON why you should not be allowed to express any religious thought in public. COWARDS.

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