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Comment Re:Don't buy what you can't afford. 3,500feet, $24 (Score 1) 805

I, too, grew up in the south SJ valley and now live and work in the south bay. I wouldn't go back there if the housing were free what with the summer heat and smog and the winter ground fog. Not to mention it's a cultural wasteland and redneck haven. BTW, what's the electric bill on running the air conditioner when it's 105 for 3 weeks straight in July and August?

Comment Ain't no governor like a republican governor (Score 2, Insightful) 182

So it appears Scott is peaved at Governor Synder of Michigan for his taking the lead in poisoning the waters the citizens of his state have to drink and this is his efforts to win back that worst governor in the world award. Its a real battle this year between these guys, Brownback, and Walker, LePage, and just about every other southern governor but actually making people sick looks like a winning strategy, making bankrupting your state look old school.

Comment And wireless STILL won't work! (Score 3, Interesting) 354

At least I had a stable wireless connection with 8.1. When I installed 10, it worked for awhile, but after several updates, it stopped working. A reboot would restore it for a short time then it crapped out. I had hoped the new version would fix it but, if anything, it made it worse to the point where I have to operate with a cable if I want to connect. In addition, they still didn't fix the problem where my custom mouse profile won't load automatically at boot time. Every boot, I have to go to the mouse settings panel and manually select my custom profile. Every fucking time.

Damn, I miss XP


Khan Academy Seeks Patent On Education A/B Testing 49

theodp writes: The Education Revolution will be patented. USPTO records show that Khan Academy is seeking a patent for Systems and Methods for Split Testing Educational Videos. From the patent application: "Systems and methods are provided for comparing different videos pertaining to a topic. Two different versions of an educational video may be compared using split comparison testing. A set of questions may be provided along with each video about the topic taught in the video. Users may view one of the videos and answer the questions. Data about the user responses may be aggregated and used to determine which video more effectively conveys information to the viewer based on the question responses." Now it's up to the USPTO to decide if something like the test and control studies conducted 40+ years ago (pdf) by the PLATO system to measure the effectiveness of different teaching methods would count as prior art. In response to an earlier post on Khan Academy's pending patents on learning computer programming and 'social programming,' Slashdot user Khan Academy said that the nonprofit is using patents for good, so not to worry.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 2) 169

I remember, back at the dawn of the PC age, going into to my local computer software retailer and browsing the rack for games that were sold on cassettes that were packaged in plastic sandwich bags with a one page set of instructions printed with a dot matrix printer. I'd buy a few, take them home, put one into the cassette player whose audio output was connected to my Apple II+, and start the programming sequence. A few seconds later, the computer would beep and display an error message stating that it couldn't read the tape and to try again.

I never did play those fucking games.

Comment And folks were concerned about Hauwei (Score 4, Interesting) 107

Maybe there are reasons to still have concerns about them but this goes beyond just concerns. How did this get into Juniper's code baseline? Is there a mole, working inside the company or did their servers get hacked. Why would their code servers be accessible from outside the company in any case? More importantly, how does this get fixed? Has Jupiter sent out patches yet or done a complete review of their code to verify that there aren't other security holes? Can this backdoor be disabled without patching? IT groups in a lot of companies must be having the cold sweats about now.

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