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Comment Re:I have a better idea (Score 1) 263

The free market decides what's profitable for movie studios and what isn't.

Yeah, it allows them to use cheap foreign labor to make the equipment/media, but if we try to use that same level playing field to get cheaper media, they cock block us with regions. The free market has decided that the global economy is a good thing, so price accordingly or gtfo.

Comment Re:Flawed logic (Score 1) 221

It's impossible to legally view a movie on an Android device if it comes in a DVD/Blu-Ray/iTunes combo pack, and nobody wants to standardize..

Ultraviolet has been doing a decent job the past 5 or so years. Both Vudu and Flixster apps, which allow access to your Ultraviolert library, are available on Android.

Comment older versions (Score 1) 259

If they really cared, the previous version would be 50+% off and the version(s) before that would be free. The same goes for Adobe and their ilk. You don't HAVE to offer any support, but if you sold older versions cheaper and/or free, you would have much less piracy. You know they're not going to buy the new version, so why not take what you can get for the older stuff? I was gonna buy a legit copy of 7 for my next build, but it's the same price it's been since launch, and that is 2.1 versions ago. Fuck that.

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