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Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 1) 227

I'd expand it even further to all IP. For example:
If I can personally record a tv show and edit out the commercials, then surely I should be able have others do that for me.
It should also be the IP owner's responsibility to prove whether or not I have legitimate access to said content, i.e. a cable/sat/whatever-streaming-service subscription. OTA would be free for all.

Comment Odd (Score 1) 40

Odd that they'd roll out this service and require a paid cable sub, when said AMC service already exists, at least on my Roku. Since cutting the cord and going with SlingTV, which has AMC and the last few eps on demand, the standalone app still offers 2 week old episodes for free with no sign-in.

Comment Old versions for super cheap (Score 1) 58

There's still no reason for them not to sell older versions for super cheap. CS6 should be like $50 at this point. It's not like they have to offer support or anything.
As a pirate of their software going back to PS3, that's about the only way they'd get me to pay.
The same goes for windows. I only recently bought my first legit copy(sans pre-install on laptops and the only non-self-built, a Compaq back in 98) of 7 to upgrade to 10, because I bought the key off G2A for under $30.
If you want to compare digital IP to physical goods, then the prices should depreciate like a motherfucker.

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