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Data Storage

Western Digital's "Green" Hard Drives 187

MojoKid writes "Eco-friendly or 'green' products are becoming much more fashionable these days, especially in things like high-end electronics, where the impact on the environment and the disposal of these products is being regulated now by such things as the RoHS compliance standard. In addition, power consumption is also being looked at more closely for all the obvious reasons. Hard Drive manufacturer Western Digital recently took the initiative by being the first drive manufacture to produce and market a lower power version of their Caviar line of hard drives. The numbers here show that a green hard drive will probably only save an average end user about 10 watts in total system power consumption. However, from a data center perspective, where demand for storage is growing by the petabyte at an alarming rate, 10 watts per drive can certainly add up quickly."

Submission + - IBM unveils 4.7GHz Power6 processor

jbhannah writes: "Channel Insider reports that IBM has released details about their upcoming Power6 processor. It will have a clock speed of 4.7GHz, an 8MB L2 cache, and 300GB per second of internal bandwidth. According to IBM, that's enough power to handle downloading the entire contents of Apple's iTunes music store — roughly 20TB of data — in just over 60 seconds. The Power6 is manufactured using IBM's 65nm processor technologies, allowing a 30% reduction in the processor's power consumption, meaning that it can produce twice the processing power for the same level of energy consumption as the current Power5 processor. The Power6 will also have a number of other features, and its availability will coincide with that of a beta release of version 6.1 of IBM's AIX UNIX operating system."

Submission + - Creative Manager Pro for Mac and Windows Announces

Creative Manager, Inc. writes: "Creative Manager Pro, Ad Agency Software and Project Management Groupware for Creative and Design firms, has announced expansion of its Mac and Windows web-based software to Australia and New Zealand. Creative Manager Inc. (http://www.Creative-Manager.com), provider of Creative Manager Pro software, has announced local support for Australian and New Zealand-based ad agencies directly in Australia. In the last several years, as the firm has risen to be the provider of the best-selling ad agency management software, local support has become more important to the growing world-wide client base. Now Creative Manager Pro's hosted servers are available locally to clients in Australia and New Zealand, with consultant support relocated to be more local as well. "Ad agencies around the world are flocking to Creative Manager Pro, and we need to continue to support the the global community in the same way that our US-based clients have come to expect their superior support," boasts Ron Ause, Creative Manager's director of Marketing. "We're stubborn! Our whole reason for existing is to respond to our clients' needs!" Along with the local server support, consulting support has moved into Australia in the form of the firm Software Downunder, located in Elanora in Queensland. More information can be found at http://www.creativemanagerpro.com/articles_55.asp. As always with Creative Manager Inc.'s products, no installation or conversion are necessary, and all updates are at no cost to users of Creative Project Manager and Creative Manager Pro®. All client logins and vendor logins are always free. "Rondelle Taylor, president of Software Downunder, is excited to mover her support network to Australia. The Software Downunder team has been a remarkable asset to the Creative Manager Pro family of clients." said Ause. Creative Manager Pro® continues to invest, adding new features that work with Apple's latest Tiger Mac OS X and future Leopard Unix-based Operating System and Microsoft Windows. When asked about the new upgrade, Ause said "Since so many of our clients service Fortune 500 firms, or are themselves Fortune 500 firms, the addition of these new features was an important priority. Our dedication to keeping our products as up-to-date as possible, and the fact that, with our service, it takes only hours to fix problems that with our competitors takes months, has caught the attention of our clients, and has helped us grow through word-of-mouth. Like last month's update, this update is also based on user input. Because 'We're Always Listening!'" Ause said. Creative Manager Pro goes beyond costing to offer full Project Management, CRM, Digital Asset Management, billing and accounting, and Extranet capabilities. Creative Manager Pro (at http://www.creative-manager.com/ is the only Ad Agency software and Project Management Software for the Creative Design industry, created exclusively for design firms, ad agencies, in-house creative/MarCom departments, and creative service firms. It is a web-based integrated project management software and job tracking solution which streamlines the entire firm, from developing new business, to staffing, managing, and executing projects through to accounting and financial reporting. Creative Manager Pro is a full-featured, intuitive system which makes project and ad agency management a breeze. Creative Manager Pro supports Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, Shared Calendaring, Accounting and much more. Because it is web-based, there is nothing to install and it can be set up in a very short time. It works with both PC and Macintosh from any location over any connection. It may also be installed locally on the client's own servers. All options include training and support to ensure that clients are up and running quickly. Among the many features of Creative Manager Pro: — Graphically view your firm's metrics — manage your firm by the numbers. — Manage Contacts and Leads — Create Project Schedules, Calendars and Manage Tasks — Take your contacts and calendar on the road with iCal, AddressBook & Outlook — Approve Timesheets, Purchasing, Billing and Budgets — Review and Approve Artwork Online — Store and Manage Digital Assets — Manage and Balance the Books — Free client and vendor access to streamline workflow. — Quick startup/import from Clients & Profits, Adman and other systems — Full-featured CRM (Client Relationship Management) — Extranet capabilities — Manage media with an interface with Strata — Charting of important industry metrics and firm statistics Take a test drive at http://www.creative-manager.com/ The team members at Creative Manager, Inc. have been leaders in ad agency software and project management software for the creative industry and on the Mac OS for over 27 years. They provide their creative clients with two major offerings: Creative Project Manager and Creative Manager Pro. Both programs work seamlessly with the Mac OS and Windows. Contact Info: Ron Ause rona@Creative-Manager.com Creative Manager, Inc. 800.203.7684 x3051 http://www.creative-manager.com/ Lori Cuonze PUSH 407.841.2299 ext. 1024 lcuonze@pushhere.com communicate. collaborate. control."

Digital Waste Worth More Than Gold, Copper Ore 302

tcd004 writes "Imagine sheer mountains of discarded Pentium IIIs, tractor trailers overflowing with discarded wall warts. Photojournalist Natalie Behring visited Guiyu, China and documented the world's biggest digital dump where, for $2 per day, the locals sort, disassemble, and pulverize hundreds of tons of e-waste. The payoff is huge: computer waste contains 17 times more gold than gold ore, 40 times more copper than copper ore. But the detritus also leaches chemicals and metals into local water supplies."

Submission + - Space—A $200 Billion Global Industry

nlhouser writes: "Through its satellite and intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBMs), the Air Force Link says that over 500 underground reinforced concrete launch facilities are located under the Great Plains, consisting of Minuteman III missiles. Since 1959, they have been on instantaneous alert, and are called the "silent sentinels," as the individuals who operate them have been on continuous round-the-clock alert. NOW we know where the budget has been going!!"

Submission + - Rerouting the networks

prostoalex writes: "Scientific American looks at new technologies to clear the networking jams. Instead of using routers to route the packets from point A and point B and therefore some hop in the sequence becoming critical for delivering the message, new technology explores a new approach of network coding: "Rudolf Ahlswede of the University of Bielefeld in Germany, along with Ning Cai, Shuo-Yen Robert Li and Raymond W. Yeung, all then at the University of Hong Kong, published groundbreaking work that introduced a new approach to distributing information across shared networks. In this approach, called network coding, routers are replaced by coders, which transmit evidence about messages instead of sending the messages themselves. When receivers collect the evidence, they deduce the original information from the assembled clues. Although this method may sound counterintuitive, network coding, which is still under study, has the potential to dramatically speed up and improve the reliability of all manner of communications systems and may well spark the next revolution in the field. Investigators are, of course, also exploring additional avenues for improving efficiency; as far as we know, though, those other approaches generally extend existing methods." Research is funded by the US military."

Submission + - Intel P35 Bearlake Chipset And DDR3 Memory Launch

Spinnerbait writes: "Intel is officially unleashing their newest mainstream desktop chipset today, the P35, a member of the formerly codenamed "Bearlake" family. In addition to a new ICH9 Southbridge, the P35 chipset ushers in support for DDR3 system memory for the desktop. It also supports legacy DDR2 memory, depending on the motherboard's DIMM slot configuration. HotHardware has a performance evaluation on a pair of P35-based motherboards from Asus with both DDR2 and DDR3 memory installed. As you'll note, thanks to some relatively high latencies currently, DDR3 doesn't affect performance all that much. It sure is great for overclocking though!"

4.7GHz IBM Power6 Spotted 296

Ilgaz notes that The Register has posted benchmark results from Oracle 11i running on four 4.7GHz Power6 chips. Quoting: "The speedy chips confirm IBM's boasting that Power6 would arrive near 5GHz. They also show that IBM's customers have a lot to look forward to in terms of raw performance." Rumor has it that the Power6 chips will be announced on Tuesday.

Aluminum Alloy Releases Hydrogen From Water 393

mdsolar writes "PhysOrg is reporting on a method of releasing hydrogen from water by oxidizing aluminum in an alloy with gallium. In the presence of water the aluminum oxidizes, leaving aluminum oxide, gallium, and hydrogen gas. The Purdue scientists who discovered the effect think this could help to overcome difficulties with hydrogen storage. Quoting: 'On its own, aluminum will not react with water because it forms a protective skin [of aluminum oxide] when exposed to oxygen. Adding gallium keeps the film from forming, allowing the aluminum to react with oxygen in the water.'"

Texting Teens Generating OMG Phone Bills 888

theodp writes "Last month, Washington high school junior Sofia Rubenstein used 6,807 text messages, which, at a rate of 15 cents apiece for most of them, pushed her family's Verizon Wireless bill over $1,100. She and other teens are finding themselves in hot water after their families get blindsided with huge phone bills thanks to hefty a la carte text messaging charges." Use of SMS in the US doubled from 2005 to 2006.

Submission + - OpenWii 2.2 now supports DVD

crkian writes: "The people responsible for the open-source Wii mod OpenWii have announced the release of OpenWii v2.2, which includes a DVD upgrade. Those who love the Wii and find the DVD format handy for their archival purposes are probably rejoicing right now. Anyhow, before you go on a DVD spree, they do note that you must still use the setup disk to set the region. Triforce, a member of the OpenWii forums notes that he's tested the new release on a D2A/DMS USA Wii. Here are the results: Wii Originals: Yes Wii Backups: Yes Wii Imports: Not Tested Wii Imports Backups: Not Tested Gamecube Originals: Yes Gamecube Backups 8cm: Not Tested Gamecube Imports: Yes Gamecube Backup Imports 8cm: Not Tested Gamecube Imports Backup 12cm: No http://wampago.com/2007/05/20/openwii-22-now-suppo rts-dvd/"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Indian railway stations to get Wi-Max

ghoul writes: According to this article Indian Railways has started the process of equipping railway stations with Wi-Max facilities. These will provide wireless access to within 5-6 km radius of railway stations as compared to the current 100-200 m radius of Wifi. I wonder why Google is using Wifi for San Francisco when WiMax is now available. This is another example of leapfrogging of technology. India never managed to roll out a complete copper landline system but ramped up mobile access so fast that there are now more mobiles than landline. Hence now there is phone connectivity and they have saved the cost of all that copper and fiber. Similarly they will save money on not having rolled out Wifi and going to WiMax directly. Also given that India has the largest network of railway stations in the world most villages do fall 5-6 km within the radius of a railway station so when this rollout is completed the entire country should have wireless access. Drawbacks — its not free and it wont work on moving trains

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