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Journal Journal: How I pick friends and foes

(Last Updated 12/26/2002)

I give foes a -6 modifier and friends a +6.

I give Anonymous Coward a -6 modifier. There is no reason to post anonymously on a web board that you dont have to provide tracable information to sign up on unless you are trolling or flaming.

I read slashdot at a threshhold of 1.


  • Obvious Trolls: The most obvious trolls are those who never respond to a thread, just post "Funny" comments to gain karma points to burn when they go trolling. They are almost always very easy to spot. Most new accounts that post a lot are trolls, so the top 10% gets an automatic -1 modification.
  • Snotty Foreigners: This is an American web site, run by Americans in America. Non-Americans who post rude and just plain ignorant posts about how such and such post or story is overly US-Centric gets a quick ride to my foe list.
  • Flamebait: Name-calling is childish and doesn't belong in an adult web board. Yes, I realize not all slashdotters are of an adult age (to say nothing of mentality) but people who post a message for the sole purpose of being a jackass are foes too. :)


  • People who post comments I find extremely interesting and/or extremely funny and who have a history of posting such quality content in my opinion.
  • People who do interesting things like write games where you push people off the stairs for points. ;)
  • Friends of mine outside of slashdot.
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Journal Journal: Does anyone read this? 1

I dont think anyone will ever read this. It might be a nifty feature but I dont see how it gets used at a place like Slashdot. :)

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