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Comment They Need A Warrant (Score 1) 276

Maybe I'm just a cynical person...well, there's no maybe about that...but I never thought the FBI or any arm of the government would stop to get a warrant for anything if they wanted it badly enough. I don't think 'little pieces of paper' will be a prevention when somebody on the inside needs something badly enough, and I think if people think otherwise they are being naive.

I once spoke to an IRS employee who worked with the bureau in the 80's and he said the IRS could get anything it wanted, and that part of their threat was that they would "ruin lives" if they needed to. I also recall a business associate who dealt with the IRS in the 70's and again in the 90's. He was incredibly wealthy, as in, 'private corporate jet' wealthy, and he told me, 'if the government wants to take you down, don't fight it. Settle. You absolutely cannot win. They can do whatever they want'.

Comment Can we refuel from ice on Earth? (Score 1) 163

From TFA:

"... the water could be broken down into its component parts (hydrogen and oxygen) to make rocket fuel, experts say.

"Water is the main component in how you might make propellants," said Jerry Sanders, leader of in-situ resource utilization at NASA's Lunar Surface Systems Office at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. 'If you're going to go repeatedly to an asteroid, then the ability to basically start setting up gas stations could be extremely beneficial"

Hey, I love the whole space-gas-station idea, I really do, but I would also really like if we took this concept of making fuel from water AND DID IT RIGHT HERE ON EARTH.

Comment Re:Games too (Score 1) 595

You are correct, but I would add that I've bought, taken over or worked on several businesses with 0.5% profit margin and grew them into 10-20% profit margin businesses. You can't do that with Treasuries, and as long as people are quick to sell instead of growing their profitable base, guys like me will cash in. The difference is that Apple has dynamic revenue, not a fixed interest return.

In other words, if I were in Apple's shoes and profit margins were meager, I'd see how to grow that profit. My motto is always, "if there is revenue, it can be grown."

Comment Re:Tell me about it (Score 1) 225

True, to an extent. But there are always more crap jobs than interns to do them. Thus, a large portion of the people working are going to be working crap jobs. You just have to use those type of jobs as stepping stones.

I guess it's the myth of startups that has everyone just coming out of college or starting in their first job think they should be walking into a CIO position. The thing is, as smart as kids think they are (or may be), there are already really, really smart people in the marketplace with 10-20 years of hardcore technical experience. Just the way it is.

Comment Re:NC is desperate for money (Score 1) 272

It was $45 million for a single-A team that could not even fill their previous stadium on a good night.

And the budget for the new stadium was $20 million. The developer ran millions over budget putting in lavish offices and, wel...who knows, money just evaporated, and the cost had hit $30 million for a stadium that did not even have seats, parking or an infield yet.

Comment I Tell Every Young Programmer This (Score 1) 441

1. Take any job you can get to get started. As soon as you land a job, ANY job, the clock starts ticking on your experience.
2. Work like mad and try to learn for the rest of your life.
3. Use recruiters to get jobs, and then once you have experience under your belt, start being more selective with recruiters.
4. Social network like crazy. Maintain relationships. Be great to work with and people will remember.
5. Be willing to do crap work.
6. Be willing to listen.
7. Understand that no matter how good you think your code is, three years from now it will look like junk.

I was a manager for a retail chain while going to school at the same time. My first 'computer' job came while still in school, using Photoshop to edit scanned images. It was crap work and the money wasn't much different than my manager job. Over a decade later I make six figures and get job offers weekly.

Comment Re:Oh great, Sony (Score 1) 198

On one hand, you are right, Sony needs Google's name and ability. But Sony is MUCH bigger than Google. Sony's revenue for 2009 was just under $80 billion, while Google's was about $20 billion.

Comment Re:Successful???? (Score 3, Insightful) 479

Um, no. That's completely backwards. Unregulated markets result in boom and bust markets, as is taught in standard economics. If left to it's own devices, markets will suffer from both natural forces and human emotion, which is generally irrational. The free market is why the stock market shoots up and down on 'news' every day but the SEC puts in curbs to keep it from fluctuating too wildly.

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