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Journal sillypixie's Journal: Tempted... 12

I'm going to Europe this fall, to speak at a conference! Cool, huh? I'm going to stay for an extra week after, and soak up some culture.

The reason why I can go, is that the company hosting the conference is paying for my airfare & hotel, so it isn't a burden on my company, who just couldn't justify the expense otherwise.

Turns out, I have two system-wide upgrade certificates that I could use to fly to London & back first class. I *really* want to use these certificates, this is a perfect opportunity since I'm flying alone, and dammit, I earned those babies.

BUT -- the SSW certificates don't apply to economy fares. Only to the 2nd tier of seat prices. So in order for me to use my upgrade certificates, I have to buy a more expensive ticket -- which means that this very nice company which has been generous to allow me to speak would end up paying more than it has to. Technically, the more-expensive ticket might be within their allocated travel budget -- but just because I have the budget, doesn't mean it's ethical to use it all if I don't have to.

Or else I pay the difference. I think that would be certainly more fair. But the difference is $600 CAD each way.

Meh, who am I kidding, I'm screwed. I think I'll be flying economy and letting my so-called upgrade certificates burn a whole in their fancy-but-useless folder.

I'd rather not have even gotten them. All they are is a fancy form of up-sell.

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  • With using the rewards to which you are entitled.
  • I would spend that money for the 1st class. You never know if you'll ever get that chance again. Actually, the price of oil being (now and in the future) what it is would only justify it further, as I believe any air travel will soon become too expensive for all but the wealthy.
    • It is an experience that I think I would always remember. In the long run, I'd never miss the $1200. If you think of it as a vacation with a $1200 flight, it doesn't sound so bad.

      If they had power in cattle-class I'd be fine -- but if not, once the laptop runs out of battery, it gets ugly.

      The other thing I need to find out, is whether the upgrade is guaranteed. It would really suck to pay extra $$ and then not get upgraded because it is some kind of standby deal.
    • Mr., er, Captain Splendid (he *did* earn the title, after all), nails it here. I had the good fortune to fly business class to Europe and it was lovely. I can only imagine flying first.

      Well, I have, but that was just either back or to Japan, I can't remember which now.

      (Dad was an airline pilot - I only got to sit there because nobody else was. :)
  • Anywhere near Hannover? ;-)



    • About 400 kms away.

      Which is, of course, nothing to a Canadian :)

      One day I'd like to come visit though -- I'd like to do the Ethelred/Tuxette tour of Europe...


      • Well, sounds like you're in a major city in Germany or the Netherlands, then...if my hunch is correct (Frankfurt?), you're only a 2 1/2-hour train ride away...



        • I'd have to cross a border to get you -- but only one :) I'm sure that wouldn't be a big deal...

          • Ah, then I'm afraid the ride would be longer and the trains not as frequent (ICE trains are harder to get). :-/



  • first class for $600 is a very good deal. i'd take it. you will arrive much more relaxed, the food is better, the service is better. you might actually sleep.
  • For the love of all that is holy, if the budget has allocated X number of dollars, you spend X number of dollars. If you spend less than what was budgeted, next time, less will be budgeted.

    It's very sad, and a very unfortunate example of having to game the system, but there it is.

  • You deserve it for the trouble!

The decision doesn't have to be logical; it was unanimous.