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Comment Archbishop of Canterbury loses train ticket (Score 1) 75

With the biometrics, we will all be in this situation.

The Archbishop is on a train to visit a local church to preside over a Confirmation service. The conductor walks past the compartment (this is the old-style train in England) and calls out, "Tickets, please!"

As the Archbishop is fumbling for his misplaced ticket, the conductor assures him, "That's quite alright, m'lord. We know who you are."

The Archbishop replies in frustration, "That may be fine for British Rail, but I have no way of knowing which stop is mine!"

Comment Oh, the humanity! (Score 1) 75

Of all the bad outcomes of a printer being hacked, that it "spews" racist printouts (everything racist, I guess, is spewed) until you switch off the printer or fix your security doesn't seem to be the worst thing?

Does your printer keep spewing pages that you find offensive until you make a Bitcoin payment to a racial supremacist group?

Comment Obligatory Stroustrup "interview" (Score 1) 339

"Well, one day, when I was sitting in my office, I thought of this little scheme, which would redress the balance a little. I thought 'I wonder what would happen, if there were a language so complicated, so difficult to learn, that nobody would ever be able to swamp the market with programmers? "

Comment I guess you don't live in 'Sconsin (Score 1) 371

"Don't you think it is time to fix your corrupt politics to look after the voters instead of donor corporations?"

It is naïve to think this is driven by "donor corporations." The donor corporations are on board with making the compromises you speak of. And what do you mean fracking is not regulated in America? It is indeed regulated -- under the Federal system, there are states that allow it and states that outlaw it outright -- there does not seem to be any political middle ground that you speak of.

This is driven by voter pushback against what is perceived to be the agenda of the crunchies (USian term-of-art meaning "granola-eating" for knitted yogurt uneducated environmentalist activists, only they are far from uneducated as they hold college degrees, but they are resentful that their degrees do not merit them more highly paying occupations) on Mifflin and Williamson streets (place names in Madison, the capital city of the State of Wisconsin, United States of America). People who don't want nuclear power or fracking in any form and a whole bunch of other things. People who associate all of that with the "U", which has slashed our budget in very legislative term.

Politics is not about "truth", it is about voters "feelings." If you want to advance the agenda of reducing CO2 emissions, you are going to have to do a much better job "triangulating" than "Kill millions of brown people through seal level rise in places like Bangladesh."

The people in Wisconsin outside Madison aren't motivated by being scolded that they are callous to the projected deaths of millions of people, that is, according to a worst-case scenario that the U.K. had fact-checked from "An Inconvenient Truth", deciding on showing it in their schools with a disclaimer. Adding "brown people" is also indirectly claiming that the callousness stems from the affected persons being of a different race. The sum total of such criticisms is 1) not helping fund the University of Wisconsin-Madison in educating and conducting research benefiting our state, and 2) helping the vulnerable people in low-lying Bangladesh.

Comment Cold on the 'Sconsin unemployment line (Score 1) 371

I hear it's pretty cold this time of year in 'Sconsin to be standing in line for unemployment benefits.

There people here and also in the Faculty Senate at the "U" who simply won't be happy until we are all reduced to eating birdseed, pedaling to work in the snow, and having the lights flicker on or off depending on how hard the wind is blowing.

People don't want that. We like our rich diet powered by Wisconsin dairy cows and enjoy driving our SUVs, powered by fuel liberated from the ground by good ol' Wisconsin frack sand that you see trundling off to Williston in railroad hopper cars.

Look, people, this whole "fracking" business is the outcome of the government or government-sponsored research. And the boom in natural gas is replacing coal and achieving significant greenhouse gas emission reductions that way.

But go ahead, speak "truth to power", scold the people who control your tuition rates and ever diminishing state support with "if you repeat a lie long enough it becomes a fact." Yes, call the Governor a liar. Maybe he is, but forget about political compromise (such as fracked natural gas as a less greenhouse gas-emitting solution). Call the Governor a liar, and an ignoramus, and an Enemy of the Environment. Keep true to your principles, don't give an inch, and remind yourself of your righteousness when the whole University falls apart.

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