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Comment Re:Bandiwidth is *free* fallacy.. (Score 1) 224

5-10 sure what about 20 50 100? Wait till you see their crews actively sabotaging each other, hell I see it with AT&T phone vs fios since one in union and views the others as scabs. I assume you have never been to someplace where there are many last mile networks in competition it's pretty ugly but aesthetically and functionally.

A last mile monopoly, no different than water or sewer. I'm only talking about last mile not transit, ISP's simply colo some gear in the CO or pop a bundle of fiber to their own location. Were talking about literally only glass and channel allocation nothing that needs power etc etc etc. The ITU defines 18 channels for CDWM though 8 or 16 are normally used. Security wise mandating macsec is pretty trivial. That is about 25gbs per channel with today's tech. At the end of the day muni's do monopolies well in a cost effective manner.

Comment Re:Bandiwidth is *free* fallacy.. (Score 1) 224

You missed:

Many concurrent last mile networks is a bad thing for the commons and should be discouraged (I've seen asia) but we need not be limited to a few ISP's in doing so.

Lots of last mile networks is not a good thing to allow on the commons. We only need a single well built physical plant for last mile data and we have had the technology for awhile to allow many providers to easily share a single plant. Between regulatory capture etc we lack the will to build them.

Comment Re:This deal is getting worse the further I read.. (Score 1) 164

Yes, the level of difficulty getting it installed would vary but pretty much all your 4 disk nas boxes are Linux often on top of x86 with various methods to add 3rd party software. Mind you buying the equivalent to better hardware and using any of the number of nas software or simply your preferred Linux is cheaper and does not paint you into a corner. Mind you I would not buy or suggest a low end consumer synology device it does not have any facilities for bit rot detection they just released btrfs support in the 6x but only for higher end models and frankly they are extremely under powered especially for the price at the home/soho level.

Comment Re:How to describe this to the non-technical... (Score 2) 224

And that proves you have no clue how cable modems works. Scaling bandwidth is a trade off between number of channels being used for internet (gear dependent) and how small you break down each zone. Yes the bandwidth is fixed as the cable modem standard only supports X - Y number of channels and thus bandwidth but it's a pretty simple engineering process to break things into increasingly smaller units to get more aggregate bandwidth in the last mile. It's not like a town has a limit to how much bandwidth the cable network can carry.

DSL does not even realy have that argument as it's not shared bandwidth from the DSLAM and the DSLAM should be well/cheaply connected.

Comment Re:Bandiwidth is *free* fallacy.. (Score 1) 224

It most defiantly is a matter of public debate and regulation as long as those providers have restricted competition. There are primarily 2 ways to get data, a cable and RF (freespace optics count as "cables") as long as those are monopolies or nearly so it's reasonable to regulate them.

Want company to be able to operate in a free market sure shift the last mile to technology neutral C/DWDM over fiber via muni's or a legacy provider. I'm talking at least one strand per house/business/apartment all the way back to the CO to allow multiple concurrent nearly arbitrary bandwidth per unit. Make the CO lease space and interconnects as a fixed rate.

Many concurrent last mile networks is a bad thing for the commons and should be discouraged (I've seen asia) but we need not be limited to a few ISP's in doing so.

As to the streaming is costing us to much, netflix is more than happy to provide cache boxes for the headends/CO's in effect making all this bandwidth come from the cheapest place possible right next to the cable head end/dslam. They are refusing to put them in because they are rent seeking to get paid twice for the same bits and/or view them as a competitor and looking to disadvantage them. This is a monopoly trying to leverage it's position to get a foothold into the market. It get especially ugly as they are all vertically integrating becoming content producers as well.

Comment Re:This deal is getting worse the further I read.. (Score 1) 164

No extra machine and it's a few lines of config per drive. Being able to use mixed size drives to max capacity is a big advantage. The huge advantage is if you loose 2 drives (with single drive parity) you only loose the files on those drives each file and the directory structure to go with it is on each drive. Long term it's got power savings as each piece of media is read off a single drive meaning the rest can be spun down.

Comment Re:Or You Could Just Not Be That Neighbour (Score 1) 304

Yes you should be able to be a belligerent asshole on your property, this thing came into his space so he got rid of it. It's already settled case that it was OK for him to do so. Plenty of places to fly drones without bothering others. Hells I would be upset about drones that were going over the treeline with neighbors (thats 50+ ft high) if they were looking into my yard. Play with your toys responsibly or loose them.

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