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Comment Re:Make DRM work with my CableCard.... (Score 1) 156

I tried going back. one of those if you bundle it's cheaper than just internet deals. HDHomeRun outside some tests never used it. Sure it could DVR a show but then I needed to spend CPU/GPU time and associated electricity to remove commercials and reencode it. Before a decently beefy system could do all that I had a nice copy from usenet.

Comment Re:Destroy code? (Score 4, Interesting) 522

This is very hardware dependent. Plenty of systems out there that require a passkey to unlock but nuke themselves with a few bad tries. They are not clonable (unless you're the NSA and even then some go to lengths to prevent chip lapping and other methods from working). In essence it's a small computer that you can not practically copy with a hardened interface that stores the actual decryption keys.

Even the TPM chips tied to hard drives should support that.

Comment Re:if it were cheaper, yes. (Score 1) 331

When talking about a non-optional commodity like food it does not matter. Raise the price and people die that's a really simple thing. So a solution has to be at the store cheaper preferably without any government subsidies.

Sure todays chicken farming gets this or that tax break all the advantages of being the current market leaders in chicken flesh. Want to succeed against them in a fair way they need to be more attractive and need the government to ensure they don't leverage that dominance in an unfair way. External bits do not matter, stop whining about the playing field not being even it's not pull up your boot straps and get to winning anyways. If this tech is unable to do that it's not going to succeed.

Comment Re:if it were cheaper, yes. (Score 1) 331

IDK 50+ years where they are literally looking to increases prices to help people conserve. Lowering our standard of living is not an option and we have 6 or so billion people who want to get to our existing standard of living.

Make vat grown chicken cheaper than real chicken is today and you have a good product with less environmental impact. This is little different than mass transit when it's faster than driving people use it, when it's not it's a massive waste. You have to make the better thing more attractive than the current thing when talking about a must buy commodity that means cheaper.

Comment Re:if it were cheaper, yes. (Score 1, Interesting) 331

And it does not matter we're talking about food not the latest iphone garbage. It's not an optional purchase. Raise the real prices and people starve. Any solution has to be at the grocery store cheaper than the real thing otherwise it's like a hybrid car just something to be smug about while paying far to much and/or having the government pick up the bill.

Comment Re:if it were cheaper, yes. (Score 2) 331

Lookup starving, 45m Americans (2015 number) at or below the poverty line, they would like to eat.

You guys are all about externalities until it's something you want like solar because the mess is in china. Water and CO2 are not some magic thing, water recycles and the same for co2. The issue is pumping out co2 from sequestered sources. The issue is global population something you refuse to control.

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