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Comment Re:Why is RAID 1 not a backup? (Score 1) 207

Lets see, your desktop PC gets a bit out of whack and suddenly the whole file system in borked. The OP says he is using Intel fake raid on windows. Other common things, your windows box gets a virus and starts encrypting everything sure snapshots (if the malware can not touch them) will save you from this. In general bitrot is a thing modern drives have CRC's etc but not realy suficient, things like ZFS, BTRFS, Gluster etc etc can do bitrot detection far about a single sector. Things like snapraid can do it for arbitrary sets of drives.

In any event you would want at least one copy thats offline preferably with physical distance.

Comment Re:Laissez Faire Capitalist Here... (Score 2) 203

Not internet per say but last mile data as a utility. You get to your ISP your cable tv etc etc etc via them. It's realy not that hard all passive optics fully in the level of what the muni's are good at dealing with basic infrastructure. CWDM keeps them out of bitrates macsec keeps them from peeking at the data. Mind you I dont mind the muni offering there own internet frankly ipv6 makes it pretty easy to allow access to muni resource like police fire schools libraries and the like even other people in your town.

Comment Re:Low cost? (Score 1) 990

At lot will do on how you can pay for it. If a used car dealer can wrap that into the purchase price and get a bank to float it thats a possibility.

Right now a used leaf is more valuable as a cheap used battery pack than the 8k a 2012-13 is going for with 80% or better battery is going for.

Comment Re:Widely Used!!!! (Score 5, Insightful) 446

Lets see.
So that network it goes through can not sell my need for milk and eggs to advertisers.
So that things that do need to be encrypted do not stand out.
Because in some places the things you talk with your spouse about have a semi privilege.
I want to insure it's realy my wife not somebody impersonating her.

That's just for starters.

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