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Comment Re:Ballmer -1 Troll (Score 1) 1147

Apple built OSX from scratch, sure. Then they patched it .1 .2 .3 .4 .5 .6, and all of the releases in between. And charges a pile of money to get the patches. On a similar note, Mocrosoft does rebuild it's OS but keeps the same kernel (NT-XP-Vista). And all of the patches (Read: Service packs, which are really on par with OSX Point releases) are free.

Comment Re:I dunno (Score 1) 532

I have no qualms with Linux and triple-boot my main machine with it. I use Offuce 2007 and Digsby and other programs that I wholly prefer over their OSS counterparts, so Linux just isn't as good of an option as a custom Vista install. Plus, I'm just more productive all-around in Windows than I am in Linux.

Comment Re:I'm so sick of this... (Score 2, Informative) 864

Sounds like you never used Vista. Or you only used it when nobody made drivers for it--which wasn't Vista sucking, it was vendors not making new drivers that sucked. Every single person I know that actually uses Vista (Read: Didn't use it for five minutes and then switch back) loves it. More stable than XP, much better looking, and just a tad slower; though, the ability to drop in more RAM more than makes up for that. Also DX10/11.

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