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Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 130

I had a Samsung, which gave me a convenient button to flip GPS off and on, it did try to turn on all location services whenever I flipped it on. No, I don't want you to scan the names of every SSID and wireless tower around me so it can go in someone's database.

Now I have a Motorola I inherited from my wife, since my HPE decided it will only pay for employee cell service, not the handset (WTF). It makes it more difficult and automatically flips on all the location services. I can't find a good app to toggle this, the one I found still launches the location services page and I have to make all the changes manually...

Yes, I still keep location services off unless I need them.

Comment Re:Wait until they find out (Score 1) 113

Exactly, they fail because of users and managers, not technology. That was my point. FYI, thin clients can handle multiple displays fine, storage is on the network. Only high CPU and graphics really need thick-client. I use x2go extensively myself.
The usual thin clients suck, Wyse and HP. I really like Igel, try them out.

Comment Re:Wait until they find out (Score 1) 113

Thin client fails because there are always the occasional outlier that needs a full machine. This makes everyone else jealous and if they have the pull, they get a full machine as well, which makes more people jealous, eventually some manager will put some pet on the full machine and it's all finger pointing about who's more important.

Comment Re:Not people: It's a computer problem (Score 1) 394

So the day they make your particular fetish or recreational substance / entertainment / political stance / religion / etc. a crime...

You're an optimist, and overstating the safety and benevolence of this program. Quit sugar-coating it, you apologist! ;-)

Peoples' fetish, substance, etc is already illegal, somewhere. And since no government (including UK) has shown itself to have the ability to store things securely (it's almost as though they employ people), it is reasonable to assume the data is (or eventually will be) globally available.

UK citizens aren't just making a decision to totally and completely trust trust their own government forever. They are also deciding that they already fully trust the Russian government, the Chinese government, the Saudi government, criminals, etc and that they will always be able to trust those parties.

UK is declaring that this is one big happy world without any adversarial relationships, and that "security" is a totally obsolete concept.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 142

4) Updates sometime reboot the computer while you are working (too hard to test?)

That can happen even with Windows 7 on a desktop, but at least you can (usually) reliably disable automatic updates with Windows 7. Enjoy your Redmond spyware!

my old PPC macbook pro 17 that lasted me 2 times what the Lenovo did

They were just called "PowerBook G4". I had two of them and one of the first Intel models, all with the "Aluminum" case. They were freaking horrible. I don't know what was worse, the optical drive going out of alignment with the slot in the case (have to field-strip it to eject a disk), the crappy latch (won't stay closed), or the metal surface that pitted like crazy with the skin oils from my hands. The keyboard key tops wore down badly with my touch-typing, too. My Unibody has some keys messed up now, but not nearly as bad after over four years of daily use. And you're comparing that favorably with your Lenovo?

12) The trackpad sometimes acts on his own, I got used to it but still have some d'oh moments from time to time

In my opinion, PC trackpads are universally horrible, just less so lately. To be fair, I think part of the problem was Apple buying up the company making the best trackpads, but I have never failed to be annoyed by the "tap to click" feature (enabled by default in mouse emulation mode, so you have to install a driver to turn it off!) giving rogue clicks.

If I have to replace my Late-2011-17", I'll probably look into a hackintosh on a higher-end laptop. Between EFI, and Apple using so much standard chipset stuff, there are apparently a few good options out there. Also, I only recently upgraded to 10.9, and it's probably easier to get a hackintosh working two or three versions back.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 142

I would be happy to see an up-to-date version of my Late-2011 17" (bought in mid-2012 and still going strong), with the replaceable RAM (32GB this time, please!) and full 2.5" SATA. I still don't need that Retina crap (producing a Retina screen that large was probably one of the reasons they killed the 17"), but I would be fine with with SSD and SD card slots instead of the optical drive and Express Card slot. And I am even willing to wait a year or so for Intel to finish making mobile versions of their new architecture.

I'm really not happy about soldering down RAM and even SSD in their latest top-of-the-line "Pro" models.

Seriously, this thing is the best Mac I've ever bought new, second would be a G4 "Windtunnel" (4 HD and 2 optical drive bays!) that I got at a CompUSA back in 2002 or so that lasted over 10 years and a re-spackling of the CPU heat sink (which took 15 minutes!) before it suddenly died one day such that it wouldn't even turn on. I haven't had time to rebuild it properly, but I have since acquired two Mac Minis from the 2010-2012 era to replace it. Really, 2011 was the peak of good hardware from Apple. It was also the year that Steve Jobs died.

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