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Comment Re: Conclusion: (Score 1) 371

Where I'm from (IL), state taxes are quite high, and the government funnels money towards Chicago. People in the rural end up subsidizing the lifestyle of people in the urban areas...

Guess again. I know it's hard for ruralites to believe, but they gain much more from cities, then cities gain from them.

Comment Re:Assuming all goes well... (Score 1) 101

That's why they have a self-destruct mechanism. If it goes off-course, they push the button and it goes boom in the sky, not on the ground. Once it goes boom and becomes little bits, there is no more horizontal acceleration, and the debris falls below where the boom happened, which will likely still be over the water.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 95

My kids school has issued ipads. Apple puts all sorts of management roadblocks in your way to prevent you from managing a child's account without another Apple device. So the school says I should put an account for myself on it, that way it's not like I'm pretending my kid is over 13. This has the added benefit of exempting my kids from any protection for under 13 data collection on any apps we install.

Comment Re:Uhm...and? (Score 1) 97

... more and more PC owners are learning they don't need to ditch their 3 year old computer and can instead opt to upgrade it. SSD, more RAM, and a new graphics card and their old machine is better than new. But they do buy those extras and upgrades... can we count those as device buys?

No, because how does Microsoft make any money off someone who upgrades their graphics card and storage, but who doesn't buy a new Windows license? Or did Microsoft start manufacturing graphics cards and SSD's when I wasn't looking?


Comment Re:FBI Jurisdiction (Score 5, Informative) 104

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but isn't the FBI restricted to US jurisdiction? I grew up with the understanding that they were basically a domestic police force on the national level.

I'm assuming I am mistaken, please feel free to give me further understanding on how the FBI can be in India.

From the article:

according to Indian and American investigators, who said that the raid in Thane was carried out entirely by the local police, without assistance from American officials.

The FBI can still typically do investigation in other countries: collect intel, interview people, etc. They can then provide information tot he local authorities to handle the actual police work.


Comment Re:Then LG prada (Score 3, Insightful) 35

They were going to release something that likely would have been consigned to the annals of history as a failed idea and eventually been forced to go the touch screen route like everyone else.

First off, this prototype is a giant touchscreen -- the click wheel in the video is entirely virtual, and not physical.

Secondly, there is no evidence that Apple ever had any intentions of releasing this device. I know it's hard to believe, but some companies out there do actual R&D work where they build and design a whole lot of experimental products that are not intended for release.

This was presumably the work of one such R&D team that put together a prototype based on the idea of making a virtual iPod, which was evaluated, found seriously wanting, and then scrapped, which is why it's taken this long for one to even be made public.


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