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Comment really? really? creationist view since Feb '11 (Score 1) 267

I've been reading the biblical creationist perspective on this since Feb 2011: Rapid tomcod ‘evolution by pollution’? Yeah, right and wrong.

This is not the kind of "evolution" needed to evolve lower-order organisms into higher-order ones. In fact, a better description for this particular case is "develution"

If you look close enough at any of these examples of evolution we keep hearing about, they're never the kind that molecules-to-man evolution requires.

Try again

Comment Re:Dropping in Quality (Score 1) 232

Same here. I've been using CentOS w/KDE 3.5 simply because I couldn't yet get used to new distros with KDE 4. CentOS 5 is getting a little long in the tooth (can't run Firefox 4) but you'd be surprised how usable it is (and it still gets security updates).

To be honest, I think people like you and I really need to investigate the alternative WMs. Some of them have never changed from their core presentation as far as I can see. Maybe that's the kind of stability we want.

Comment Uninstalled flash. Less problems and faster we (Score 4, Insightful) 39

I uninstalled Flash 10 on my android a few days back. I can't remember what I used it for and it just ended up slowing down the whole browsing experience. Mobile sites these days know they can't use flash so most sites I visit just don't have it. It's great. And the ones that do end up going faster.

Comment Re:Does it still have the AwfulBar? (Score 1) 554

I wouldn't call it the "awesome bar", myself, but I have to say the quickest way for me to get to a website I've already visited is to type it (even a few letters) in the URL bar, press down, press enter. I haven't seen Firefox's equal in any other browser as far as the URL bar is concerned. I even find Chrome's URL bar slow even while everything else about Chrome is faster.

Comment It has for me a little bit (Score 1) 1148

I was probably what you'd call in love with nuclear before this incident. Here's what changed...

Where I live we have a nuclear power plant. During this entire crisis the news has been focused on Japan with a few tiny stories on our location's plant. It turns out our plan just recently dumped 70,000 Litres of radioactive water into Lake Ontario from which we get our drinking water. And they say it's perfectly safe. Really? 70,000 litres? That can't be good. This was apparently due to a minor situation and the authorities won't call it anything to be concerned about it.

If I didn't live in this area and get my water primarily from Lake Ontario, I bet I wouldn't be concerned, but hearing about how the plan melts down in Japan and hearing about "minor" incidence at the plant here, it really makes me wonder.

I realize the plant here isn't likely to meltdown, but it's the environmental damage just from the by-products of operation that I'm starting to get concerned about.

Comment Delayed removal (Score 1) 465

I'm now in the habit of using a `srm` (safe rm) which moves things to /tmp/ using `mktemp -d`. I know not all systems automatically clean /tmp on boot but that's the way I think of that command. When I remove files, I'm aware they're still around but not forever. It gives me time to think if I want it back but also to know it will be removed permanently without further intervention.

Comment Re:The situation is much more complicated than tha (Score 4, Insightful) 364

On the consumer side, you can pick an appropriate plan that allows for only the amount of bandwidth that you need, resulting in more effective market segregation. This means low-use consumers don't need to subsidize high-use consumers. On the ISP side, the incentive is to provide as fast a connection as possible to encourage usage and excess usage.

What actually does happen, though, is that the ISP provides ludicrous plans (too much money, too little bandwidth) AND the ISP does everything in their power to encourage excess usage. They have their cake and eat it, too, because we lack proper, level playing-field competition.

Comment Should be on mythbusters (Score 2) 546

I have to agree. I've heard reports of this for a long time but how is this even possible? Scattering on the windows? They're pointed upwards as well from what I've seen of big planes. Maybe they're talking about small aircraft. I just can't see 1500 incidences a year, though. Maybe the pilots are confusing the phenomena with something else.

This should be on an episode of mythbusters.

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