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Submission + - Rambus Unveils Binary Pixel Technology For Instant HDR Photos (isights.org)

shmlco writes: "Rambus just unveiled their Binary Pixel Technology, destined to dramatically improve the quality and dynamic range of photos taken from cameras and mobile devices. The technology, which is compatible with existing CMOS designs, uses a high-dynamic-range technique known as "variable temporal and spatial oversampling".

Essentially, instead of recording three distinct images and combining the values after the fact to get a single HDR photo, Rambus samples each pixel multiple times and at varying intervals during the same exposure. At the end, each pixel has its values added up to determine the true color value that should be assigned to that pixel.

Rambus promises up to a 15x increase in dynamic range over conventional sensors."


Submission + - Microsoft Continues Android Legal Assault (allthingsd.com)

shmlco writes: "According to an article on AllThingsD, Microsoft is continuing its legal assault on Android. On Monday the company sued Barnes & Noble, Foxconn International and Inventec over the company'(TM)s Nook e-reader, alleging patent infringement.

To quote Deputy General Counsel Horacio Gutierrez, “The Android platform infringes a number of Microsoft’s patents, and companies manufacturing and shipping Android devices must respect our intellectual property rights."

“Their refusals to take licenses leave us no choice but to bring legal action."

Just when you thought Microsoft was losing its evil touch..."

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