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User Journal

Journal Journal: disable firefox v44 push notifications

dom.webnotifications.enabled = false
        dom.webnotifications.serviceworker.enabled = false
        dom.push.connection.enabled = false
        dom.push.enabled = false

User Journal

Journal Journal: Stupid slashdot settings

LOL I made journal entries for stupid firefox settings and stupid google settings and now I'm finding stupid settings inside slashdot thats preventing me from using it like anyone normally would.

1. Journal entries get archived after a short period of time (one month) then you can't make any more comments on it. I can edit the journal entry but nobody else can comment to it anymore. If you are in the middle of a discussion with someone in the comments, too bad for you too, it's archived and you can't make any more comments to it.

2. There is no link on slashdot to get to your journal page. I know off by hard it is http://slashdot.org/~shione/journal for me but even from my own profile page there is no way to get to my journal. You have to know the direct link or tough!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Stupid google settings

Is google a moron?

Once a contact is added to hangouts (which you didn't even have to add them by yourself, google does it) there is NO WAY to delete that contact. You can only hide it. There is a delete button but it does NOTHING.

Vivek Chimurkar 8/21/15 12:40 AM
I want to delete contacts and frequently contacted people from my hangout

Alfredo Torres 8/21/15 1:51 AM
Hi Vivek,

At this time we don't provide the option to delete contacts from your Hangouts list. You can read more about how the Hangouts contact/conversation list is set up here: https://support.google.com/hangouts/answer/2945110?hl=en&ref_topic=2944922

Currently, we only provide the option to permanently hide contacts from view via the Android app: https://support.google.com/hangouts/answer/3420243?hl=en&ref_topic=2944851

All the best,

Serenella Estrella69 9/19/15 1:04 PM
Why don't you guys provide the delete contact option on hangouts? It's a pain in the ass to have people you no longer want to see on your contact list

jaydeetee 10/16/15 3:30 PM
I think you should let us delete contacts from hangouts and stop people who we don't know from adding us into circles in Google+. I bet you don't like being told who can add you to their lists or who can't be deleted from yours. I've got loads of hidden contacts in hangouts and I don't know any of them. They could be a serious risk to me but I can't delete them or the two apps from my phone. It's horrible.

DeAnn Young 11/4/15 8:14 AM
I would like the option to delete a person from my contact list. I do not agree with your statement and should rectify this problem immediately. Think of the repercussions if someone had a stalker or an abusive partner and you failed to protect them all because you do not or will not provide an option to delete. That is a veryfrightening possibility and not something that I would want my company responsible for.

Jenn Richardson 11/20/15 4:29 AM
First of all I did not know anything about Hangouts. I suddenly got a call one day from a relative and that is how I then knew. The problem now these unknown people are calling me and I cannot get rid of them. I do not like theses random people calling or being able to see me period, that is dangerious! I just received a message from some random person, legs in the air nakedðYðYðYðYðYðYðYðY I do not appreciate that your product allows anyone into my personal space. I need theses unwanted people off my hangouts and stop calling me NOW! Provide a delete button so we do not have to be subjected to this mess. Unless you don't care about what other people are doing to others on Hangouts.

lounis nei 11/23/15 2:19 AM
nono we need the option or we will boycot Gmail trust me we have so famous pages on the fb we got more than 1mil fans we will do it
coz that's not fair at all if u don't know how to do it i have a friend who can do it for you already
we are really so nervous now
so read our damn comments and give us that shit a nd simple option


This stupid shit goes in the same bag as not being able to turn off annotations in youtube (you switch it off but the next time you sign back in it switches itself on again!). FU google.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Stupid firefox settings 1

Re-enable paste into youtube comments on firefox:
"about:config" --> "dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled" --> change value to FALSE.

Use firefox's inbuilt feature to block tracking domains:
privacy.trackingprotection.enabled --> change value to TRUE.

Disable webrtc
"media.peerconnection.enabled" --> change value to FALSE.

User Journal

Journal Journal: first

my very own journal huh? interesting...

so whats that other button do? oh oh....

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