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Comment Re:Better be ready to be beat up when layed off wo (Score 1) 360

It's time to start thinking about how a society which want a social safety net can incentivize people people to not have children they can't afford.

Because we have such a problem with criminal lawlessness and uncontrolled breeding among trust-fund kids?

You already have a segment of people with, effectively, no need to ever provide for themselves. They don't seem to be causing any more trouble overall than anybody else, and most of them seem to manage to find something worthwhile to do with their lives.

Comment Re:Another example (Score 1) 126

Maybe it's due to higher quality cameras being used more than the resolution.

So true. The source matters so much more than the end resolution. I've seem some really good 144p videos and some really atrocious 1080p videos on YT. If the source sucks the higher resolution isn't going to help and at the same time a low resolution can still look great if the source is pristine and clean, just don't stretch the video out too much.

Comment Toyota already has it (Score 4, Insightful) 361

At least Toyota already has this in their hybrid vehicles. And in Japan you have a toggle to temporarily turn it off (for when you arrive home late, for instance, and want to minimise noise). The "whine" you hear from a Prius or Aqua at low speed is actually the speaker; with it turned off they're almost completely silent.

Comment Re:Just what we need (Score 2) 107

Uber's whole business plan is based on people using ther own capital (ie. car) to drive customers from point A to point B for a low fee of which Ubse gets a cut without having to spend anything on maintenance and repair, - without Uber having to spend capital on buying, or committing to fixed cost leasing of vehicles.

Unless everyone starts buying flying cars, they will have to majorly restructure their business. Same goes for them having fleets of self driving cars. They lose their greatest business advantage - the lack of need to tie capital up in depreciating assets.

Comment Same for small plane crashes (Score 1) 270

The media are all over small plane crashes much the same way, giving a highly distorted view of just how safe aviation is. Aviation organizations like AOPA have started to get on the media's case about this.

If they reported car crashes with the same enthusiasm the "news" would be nothing but car crashes.


Comment Re:Because Windows Sucks (Score 5, Insightful) 269

The only reason Linux is perceived as more secure than other operating systems is because most hackers don't care enough to spend time working to crack it, so there are less attempts.

Linux is a major server OS (arguably the largest), very big in embedded systems, and completely dominant on smartphones. Hackers are spending very significant time working to find exploits.

Comment Re:one in every home? (Score 1) 228

If the process is 60% efficient, there is instantly 40% loss even before you load the product onto a truck - let alone drive it anywhere.
If used in a heat engine then it's likely to only be about 40% efficient in the energy use there so if used to power cars, there's a total energy efficiency of 24%, and that's if you filled up your car right at the point where the stuff is made without having to deliver the fuel anywhere in a truck - compared to storing the power in a battery where the powerpoint to wheel efficiency for say, a Tesla is about 70%
Still a worthwhile technology pursuing though - especially if efficiency can be improved further - and congrats to the team for such a breakthrough.

Comment Re:Or stay on LTS (Score 1) 78

I'm using LTS for all my work machines. The last round I rarely felt I missed out on anything compared to my updated machine at home. I think it's perfectly reasonable to stay with LTS if you want. You can still update to newer versions of, say LibreOffice and similar applications using snaps if you need it.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 2) 370

It's just like what I say about calculus: it's important to understand the basic concepts of integration and differentiation but you are NEVER going to solve integral or differential equations in real life

Actually I have solved differential equations to replace code that was using numerial methods to calculate some stuff. Tee end result was code that ran a lot faster and gave a much more precise solution. It took a couple of pages of maths, and because I am not very good at maths it took me a while, but it was worth the effort.
I have also had to use the good old quadratic equation to solve equatiosn that were calculating acceleration or deceleration, and plugged in the resulting formulas to replace code that was using numerical routines to solve these as part of a robot path planner. In the original code the previous guy had at least left clear comments saying what the code was trying to achieve, and a note in the comments to say something along the lines of plugging in a better solution at some point in the future

This highlights both the advantage of good commenting practice, which made it easy for later programmers to see where improvements could be made, and the importance of being able to apply this kind of maths to problems instead of just going to the numerical toolbox.

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