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Comment Security through obscurity (Score 1) 95

It's radio. Anybody in the vicinity can listen in all they like. Back in the bad old days this was Industry Canada's position, that cellphones were not private and there was nothing anybody could do about it.

Unlike AMPS, the communications are digital. So what. If you are sufficiently determined you can decode the data you have captured.


Comment Re:IoT (Score 2) 98

"Because Windows has a bad habit of hiding file extensions, whenever the device owner accesses their NAS, they see this file as a folder, fooled by the fake icon." -

So part of the problem is windows too. Hiding file extensions and allowing scripts to be run without confirmation. That's the same rubbish which made macro viruses so rampant in msoffice formats.

Comment Re:Softare and wording problem (Score 1) 210

The first generation Xperia phones actually did something similar. They kept the battery at above 90%, by charging up to 100% then letting it fall to 90% again before recharging it again. Much better battery lifetime than keeping it at 100%.

But lots of people complained that Sony had a lousy battery charger system that couldn't even keep the battery topped up. So to avoid the bad press they changed it and kept it at 100% all the time, like the rest of the manufacturers.

Comment Set up a dummy account (Score 1) 348

If push came to shove I'd set up dummy Facebook and Twitter accounts and let CBP see them. No good way to tell which of the several hundred Laura Hallidays on Facebook is me. Post some pictures of cats, a few likes, done.

I already engage in some self-censorship. There are a few CDs (mainly Russian and Israeli acts) I leave at home when I cross the border.


Comment Re: Sounds ok (Score 1) 84

The program starts in 2017 and it is to refurbish highend phones returned by users who signed up for a one year upgrade program. So it's fair to say these will mostly be recent phones like the S6, S7, note 5 (there was no note 6) and note 7 phones. None of these have user replaceable batteries and they are sealed and glued down inside the case. Your knowledge of Samsungs flagship phones is out of date.

Comment Sounds ok (Score 2) 84

Sounds ok if the price is right and they replace the batteries since the battery is both sealed and glued down tight inside the chassis. There is no hard case around the battery so if you try to wedge it up, it is very easy to snap it apart releasing the gel inside. They also have to disinfect the phone with UV light or something since people hold the phone close to their face coughing and spitting into the handset and taking it to the toilet with them.

Comment Facebook is for old people (Score 1) 534

I accept that advertising is what supports platforms like Facebook (indeed, just about everything on the internet), but please remember the user in all of this. My computer is mine. My browser is mine. Monopolizing it while you play an irrelevant auto-play video is just not cool.

Facebook is relatively tame in this respect. I've seen worse.


Comment if your bitlocker drive is unlocked.... (Score 1) 29

If your bitlocker drive is unlocked, wouldn't anything be able to read the drive anyway?

If it can still read your bitlocker drive when you haven't unlocked it yet then can it still read pre-win8 bitlocker drives before microsoft dumbed it down?

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