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Comment Use cvs2svn for CVS repositories (Score 0, Offtopic) 346

Use cvs2svn to convert your existing CVS repositories.

The tools that come with git for converting CVS to git do not work. You will see other posts about how git is different, such as how it manages commits versus files. CVS manages files, and doesn't track them well.

It has no ideas of when a branch ends, and even when they start is a bit iffy. Add to that the fact that CVS lets you pick and choose random files to be on a branch, then you can really start to get into a strange state.

For our CVS repository (goes back to 2001, we had 100's of branches, maybe 1000 tags), the git cvsimport tool placed code from our current development trunk into older versions. I'm sure you can see how bad that is.

After getting burned by that, we turned to cvs2svn. It took a long time (8 hours) to convert, but it converted correctly, and you only ever have to do it once.

My advice is to convert your repository, then check out random versions from both CVS and git, then run a diff on all the branches of importance. I wrote a script to do it for all branches and tags because I got burned the first time.


Submission + - Ghostscript unified, long live GPL v2 (

bmcage writes: Ghostscript is back, but does it still have a future for printing or on the Desktop with pdf going strong? Whatever happens, everybody should rejoice, as Ghostscript has a new version, a new license, and most importantly, the EPS Ghostscript fork has come to an end.

Welcome back in the fold, GPL Ghostscript! We'll make some room on the hard disk for you.

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