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Comment Re:Too many pixels = slooooooow (Score 1) 263

Comment Re:Municipal WiFi (Score 2) 106

You make good points... Encryption hopefully works as I've implemented for me :) I went to a wifi radio mfg event for resellers recently and some of the resellers were really concerned that Apple's MAC randomization (which doesn't really work yet) was going to hurt their location tracking abilities... It's not terribly hard to figure out I surf with a device with a certain mac address... and many of these muni wifi systems require you to login... directly, thru google, thru Facebook, etc before you get access... I love free WiFi but I'm cynical, and I think some muni's are doing bad things; I wouldn't be surprised if some are doing automated MITM attacks.

Comment Re:Encryption is a security issue. (Score 1) 354

Here ya go :) I think it's limited to 4 digit pass codes though. A snipped from their FAQ: How can I get a list of what devices you support? We will gladly supply a full list of supported devices and also specifically what can and cannot be recovered from each one to any legitimate enquiry. Just email us, explaining your business need for the information and we will be delighted to assist you once we have verified your identity.

Comment Re:Yep (Score 3, Informative) 488

Yea I've had iOS7 on a couple devices since WWDC; it wasn't painful on an iPhone 4S IMO... and it's no longer painful on a mini IMO... battery life was terrible; battery's better now that they've removed a lot of debugging stuff but still significantly worse than 6 on older devices.... I got a new iPhone, and the battery's better with iOS7 than my 4S was with iOS6... maybe some of the battery saving measures they took only work on the new chip.

Comment Surface Pro (Score 1) 330

I'm kind've a MS hater, but for some reasons I'll omit I needed a Surface Pro... I assumed it would really suck. I don't really like Windows 8 or 8.1 yet. IMO it's a nice device, and the future for some windows users. Too expensive for many today, the hardware is nice; battery life sucks, but for most executive types who use MS Office, it's pretty awesome to be able to plug it into a usb3 hub and big monitor at your office/home, and bring the thing minus the externals with you wherever.

Comment Re:Pandora needs to change technology to win. (Score 1) 107

So here's a business plan for pandora:

- I sign up for $x/year, pay up-front
- They record many radio channels for me, and index them by song
- After a month of recording the many channels, the amount of music they have available for me is good enough and they can just plug my library into their old algorithms and everything works fine and it's a private performance so no royalties are due.
- Profit!!

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